Bonus husband!

Look what turned up on my doorstep on Friday morning!

H1 in NZ
Bonus husband!

I spent the 1.5 hours I was awake before H1 made a surprise appearance working extremely hard to convince myself that he wasn’t on his way to our NZ apartment, as well as getting ready for a non-existent Easter breakfast with my family (who were in on the surprise).

H1 had told me he was travelling for work…the times he was unavailable meant it was entirely possible he could make it to NZ. They also meant it was entirely possible he was filming in Seattle and sleeping during the American night (the cover story).

I’m super pleased he wasn’t in Seattle.

Surprising your wife by flying from New York to New Zealand to spend one week with her is extreme, but I couldn’t recommend it more if you happen to be in a long-distance relationship. This is the stuff that helps keep it healthy.

So far we’ve had a cruisy few days. H1′s on a half-holiday, necessitating a fair bit of checking in with the NY office, emails, etc – but that’s really nice in a way. Just living a normal life, with my husband around, is amazingly awesome. A nice preview of our exciting upcoming reality.

Tomorrow we’re heading away with friends to Raglan for a few days. Lucky I had already booked the time off work (thanks to pressure from colleagues, who were in on the surprise) and prepared myself for going away (thanks to a different, fake holiday planned with the same friends, who were in on the surprise).

In short, everyone I know has been lying to me for the last couple of months…and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Happy Easter! Hope you’re all having as lovely a break as I am.

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