Celebrating impending motherhood

I’m not really the baby shower type, so I was very grateful to my mother-in-law and sister-in-law for organising an impending motherhood celebration for me instead. What’s an impending motherhood celebration, you ask? Well, it’s a baby shower really, with a different name. All the same, I was and am so incredibly grateful, and it turns out I may not dislike baby showers as much as I thought I did (it’s the name, I think. ‘Baby shower’ is a horrible name, and a very American one. Impending motherhood celebration is much more appropriate for Aotearoa).

Tea in a floral teacup and saucer set
Celebrating with tea

The celebration was a total surprise. H1 and I had organised a trip down to Hawkes Bay to see his family before the baby arrived, and I had put together a short list of things I wanted to do over those few days, but as far as I knew that was it. I didn’t even suspect anything when we went to the airport on Friday night, ostensibly to pick up a family friend who was flying in, but actually to collect the awesome PK…it’s not the first time we’ve flown somewhere to surprise each other, so while a brilliant surprise it wasn’t actually all that odd to me.

Two men and a women drinking hot chocolate in winter
Copying up with hot chocolate, mid-powercut

Some friends came up from Wellington, others came down from Auckland, and thanks to an enormous storm that took out the power for hours on end on Saturday morning, half my family got stuck in Taupo and couldn’t make it. While I gallivanted around Hawkes Bay with H1 and PK on Saturday morning, trying to make the most of the terrible weather and find somewhere cosy in the midst of the powercut, countless people were running around trying to make sure the celebration could still go ahead and work out who could make it and who couldn’t. Did I say how grateful I am? I knew I had a lot of amazing people in my life but it still always takes me by surprise just how incredible they all are.

Women sitting around a table drinking tea.
A table full of lovely people

The power came back on and the celebration went ahead (it was delightful and delicious). It was followed a couple of weeks later by celebration part two, back in Auckland with those who got stuck in Taupo (also delightful, also delicious). For someone who’s not really into baby showers, I’ve had more than my fair share, and I feel very fortunate for it. Baby Kick Kick has no idea how much love and amazingness they’re going to be surrounded by as they grow up, and I can’t wait to watch them find out.

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