Impromptu Thanksgiving with besties

I was in Taupo a few weeks ago, hanging out with friends and supporting H1 and P (of PK fame) in the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge. They raced on the Saturday and rocked it (of course) while the rest of us spent Saturday reading and brunching and lazing, before cheering them across the finish line*.

Lake Taupo on a sunny day.
Beautiful Lake Taupo (yes, another thing to be thankful for.)

Racing 160km leaves you in a pretty good mood, and enjoying a lazy morning before cheering on awesome people leaves you in a pretty good mood, and by the time we were about to eat a delicious dinner we were all feeling the warm fuzzies. This is how impromptu Thanksgiving happened. We were a day or two late and we were eating steak, not turkey, but we had all the important things to hand – good** friends and good food and a huge amount of gratitude.

We went round the table and everyone said what they were thankful for, and (as ever) the answers ranged from the ridiculous to the heartfelt, but every answer was filled with happiness and love and a touch of poignancy.

I tell my friends I love them often. In fact, I’m frequently accused of being drunk when I’m just happy. All the same, I’m not sure I say it enough, or express just how thankful I am that I have so many ridiculously amazing people in my life – so here it is now. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!***

*Semi-lies – we actually missed H1 as he was right in the centre of a pelotón and therefore completely invisible. We did see P though!

**Some of the best, actually.

***A few – quite a few – weeks late, but there’s no time when it’s not appropriate to be thankful!


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