A weekend of moving (!)

 Image via  Jacquelyn Clark

Image via Jacquelyn Clark

Hello! Happy July! How are you?

A LOT has been going on here. May and part of June disappeared into a university hole (another semester done!), I started a new role (so.much.learning, but it's awesome. I like learning), we went to Fiji (winter sun!) AND, after nearly two and a half years, we will be moving into our new apartment next week!

I am just so excited. We went to see it a few weeks ago and it's totally been worth the wait. Official moving day is not until next week, but we should have the keys in time for the weekend so we'll get some small things in and spend some time with Amelie there, getting her used to the place. We've explained the move to her a lot, but until it's done I'm not sure how well she understands the concept. This weekend will be good.

For those of you with more chill time this weekend (I hope that's most of you. I may be super excited but there is no doubt that moving is hard) here are a few fun links for your Saturday (or Friday afternoon! I'm not here to judge).

Anyone else find the subject of exfoliation oddly difficult but also important and fascinating? This is a great guide.

Joanna Coles is pretty rad. It's nice when people acknowledge that relaxing isn't all that for everyone!

My pinning to this board has really ramped up over the last couple of years.

Good advice.

Fast becoming one of our favourite easy weekend lunch staples

Have a wonderful weekend! x



A weekend of cramming

 Palm trees in the park on a rather summery autumn morning.

Palm trees in the park on a rather summery autumn morning.

It's so definitely time I did another Friday post...I have so many amazing links!

Before that though, the usual Friday excitement for the weekend ahead. What are your plans? If you're in the northern hemisphere I hope they involve enjoying some spring weather...and if you're in the southern I hope they involve enjoying some autumn weather...this is such a nice time of year, when (usually) nobody is facing anything too terrible weather-wise!

I have an assignment due for uni next week so my weekend is all in the title of this post. I'm sure I'll get some fun in somewhere as well though. With a toddler, there's no other option really; she neither cares about nor appreciates my need to study – all she wants is to play! Thankfully, there's H1 to help too (and it helps that Amelie is such a good sleeper as well).

So onto the promised amazing reads!

This adds more weight to my thoughts on buying clothes that can have a life with someone else when you're done with them.

The Cut is amazing and this article gives some insight into why (do you read it? You should!)

Do you take selfies? How do people react? (You'll see from my Instagram I really don't but this article is making me question why not).

Simple rules for healthy eating.


Have a super weekend! See you back here soon (after my paper has been handed in I imagine...)

Do you care about ethical clothing?

The 2018 Ethical Fashion Guide just came out! This guide is such a good way for us in New Zealand to get insight into how responsible companies are when it comes to looking after the people who make our clothes. It grades companies on four key areas, and where a company chooses not to participate it does its best with publicly available information. It also doesn't only focus on Australasia – international companies are often included, like TopShop and Victoria's Secret.

 An ethical, well-priced, super-cute top. Image:  Kowtow

An ethical, well-priced, super-cute top. Image: Kowtow

I was so pleased to see some of my favourite brands doing well (yay Kowtow, Zara and Witchery!)  As I looked at the report I did a little mental assessment of what I was wearing right then and was pretty happy with the ticks (Witchery top, Everlane trousers – not rated in this report but radically transparent, and, ahem, ethical underwear too!) 

I take this sort of thing moderately seriously. I'm far from perfect, but it's important to me, so I work at it. Some of my regular go-to brands are from the States and it can be harder to find information on them, but I still do try. I try to support brands that make an effort in their local communities, whether that be New Zealand or elsewhere. And – and this probably has the most impact – I do my best to shop thoughtfully, making sure that I truly love what I buy, know what I'm going to wear it with, and ideally, can sell it on when I'm done with it rather than putting it in a clothing bin.

That last one is an interesting point because there seems to be no correlation between the cost of clothes and how ethical they are. You can't consign brands like Glassons and H&M – there's no market because their clothes are so inexpensive in the first place – but both of those brands perform considerably better in the report than some brands that are easy to consign, e.g. Karen Walker and Trelise Cooper. To be honest, this just irritates me no end. If you're charging more for your clothes, it should be easier to ensure you're acting ethically, all the way along the whole supply chain. There really are no excuses for those companies.

I don't claim to have all the right answers or the perfect strategy, but I am glad this sort of information is becoming more accessible and more considered, by lots of different people. I like knowing this stuff and I like that we live in a world where it's not too difficult to make more ethical decisions when you have the right information. I've decided to keep doing what I started last year, and avoid shopping anywhere that got less than a B- in this year's report. That means no Karen Walker, no Ruby and no Ralph Lauren – but the good news is I have plenty of other options when I do want to buy something. 

What about you – do you have a strategy to shop ethically? Will this report change any of your behaviour?


Amelie at eighteen months old

 Couldn't resist putting this one in even though it's blurry. That smile!

Couldn't resist putting this one in even though it's blurry. That smile!

Amelie turned eighteen months last week! A picture of her holding her six month sign came up in my Facebook memories and I just can't believe a whole year has gone by since then. Everyone says time flies, but to be honest that wasn't my experience at all when I was on maternity leave. Ever since I went back to work though time has indeed just somehow dissipated, and now somehow I am the mother to a full-blown toddler.

 Determined Amelie.

Determined Amelie.

 Making art at the art gallery.

Making art at the art gallery.

Amelie is possibly the most strong-willed person on the planet. She has very firm ideas about what she wants and doesn't want, and isn't afraid to yell at the top of her lungs if we get it wrong (or it's just something she's not allowed). The flip side of that is that she is just so thrilled with herself for communicating successfully if we do get it right. 

Being able to 'talk' to us is one of Amelie's biggest joys. She's incredibly verbal but we don't always understand, and I think this is a source of much frustration for her. She has a few words that are totally clear – Mama, Daddy, Cuper, bubble, ball, blower (as in leaf blower – she can see the street cleaners using it from her daycare windows and it's amazing to her); some that require us to interpret for her – Alex (one of her good friends), more, please, grandma, granddad; and some where we have no idea. Her catch-all is deedoo. We don't know what it means, but it gets used a lot, for a whole variety of things. It is to Amelie what prego is to Italians.

 Watching the lawnmower man at the country house.

Watching the lawnmower man at the country house.

Amelie's favourite things are her Duplo, her pull-along toys, her Opie, her bike helmet, and my handbag. Oh, and also everything she's not allowed, especially if it's incredibly dangerous. She's never still, unless she's in a new environment, which I'm pretty sure is only because she's planning how to cause the most destruction in the smallest amount of time. My standard warning to anyone else looking after her is that she can run faster, climb higher and move further than you'd think she should be able to. 

 Playing with the toys at the Volvo Ocean Race.

Playing with the toys at the Volvo Ocean Race.

Amelie loves to give us big hugs, which are so very lovely while they last (a couple of seconds usually). She gives us kisses as well, but much prefers us to kiss her. She cuddles into us to read books, and those are some of my favourite times (hers too I think). She gives us enormous smiles when we get her up in the morning and when we put her down to sleep, and no matter which one of us she's with she's asking about the other one. H1 and I really do split the parenting load 50/50 (and honestly, recently it's been more like 60/40 due to a crazy schedule for me these days). I think that comes through in how much she loves both of us. 

She is, obviously, the best child in the world and I'm so happy she is who she is. 

 Taking a break to have a snack.

Taking a break to have a snack.

A weekend of summer

 Image via  Homelife

Image via Homelife

Summer is well and truly over but nobody has told the weather. I'm not complaining...this is a pretty sensational start to autumn! I'm hoping to make the most of it with H1 and Amelie this weekend in a fairly chilled way. A weekend close to home is sounding like absolute bliss to me (but I reserve the right to change my mind and go exploring!) What are your plans? 

Here is some Friday reading for you, to hopefully bring on the weekend just a little sooner!

Does it affect your mood when your clothes don't seem to reflect who you are?

LOVE this house. I kind of want to be the owner/buy all the things she makes.

The truest cartoon I've ever seen.

The lame bitches were right (yes!)

I've wanted this cookbook for ages and this article has tipped me over the edge.

This looks like such a comfortable dress for winter weekends.

Have a lovely weekend! x