Building a life we love

It’s been over a year since H1 moved back to New Zealand, which means we’ve started to acknowledge silly little anniversaries. Like tonight, for example, when he came in amazed at how bad the traffic was, and I said it was March madness*, setting off some intense déjà vû in him (apparently I said this last year too, and I expect I’ll say it next year).

This means it’s been just over a year since we started working on building a life we love, with the first step being the purchase of some land in the country. Not that we knew that was the first step back then. We just knew we loved it and wanted it, and a day after seeing it we were putting in an offer. Some would say we bought it on impulse. In fact, I say that. We definitely did, and it was definitely a brilliant decision.

A lake surrounded by natural bush.
The lake and our land leading down to it.
A build site and a lake.
Looking west from the build site.

What this kicked off was a year of chat about how we want our life to be – what we wanted to create, and what we could build together that would give us (more of) a life we love. We already loved our life, of course. I am so glad and grateful that I got to spend my 20s travelling, living in incredible places and putting together an awesome career. But this is the next step – the reason we’re living in New Zealand again, with all it can offer us.

There are lots of bits to this life, and many of them are a work in progress. That’s okay. (Isn’t it lovely when you feel like you have time?). The land is just one piece. There  are also new jobs, new career directions, new studies, new ways of shopping, new ways of getting around…

I will be talking more about all of this. For now, though, I should add that the new life is not the only thing we started to build in 2015. We also built a new house that will let us enjoy that land even more.** As step two in this life we love, it’s doing exactly what it says on the tin. We love it. We’ve spent a lot of this summer in the country already and I’m super-excited for many more summers just like this.

House in picturesque setting.
Our country house
Sunset over lake and mountain.
Looking west on our first night – sunset over the lake and mountain

One of our friends, visiting over the Christmas hols, pointed out that it’s not often you get a strong view of what the next stage of your life is going to be like. Usually it just happens. This really resonated with me as it so perfectly sums up what I feel; that H1 and I, this summer, have been standing on the edge of a precipice (in a good, not terrifying, way – and I say this with a fear of heights), looking into what is a crystal-clear visual of what’s up next.

*The time in Auckland when summer’s drawing to a close, schools are back, university is back and pretty much everyone is done with their holidays. It seems to have started early this year.

**Well, some people who can actually build things built it, let’s be honest.


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