2011! And All is...Ummmm...

Happy 2011!

Only 20-something days too late. That's not so bad.
As promised, I'm back in New York, Big Thing duly completed. I got married. It was fun. Well, it was, of course, about a million other things besides just 'fun', but I really think 'fun' is the best way to sum it up. I've never been one to get over the top excited about things, no matter how great they are. Doesn't mean I'm not excited, just that I see no need to go all Oprah about it. I'm not planning on blogging about it, so take the 'fun' and enjoy it (as one always should).
I will tell you about New Zealand though...eventually. That was also fun. It's hard not to have a good time when it's sunny and warm and the beach is always close, and you've got the added, massive advantage of most of your friends joining you there. It does feel like a strangely long time ago though, now that I'm back in wintry, snowy New York.
Yes, snowy, snowy New York. It's snowing right now, in fact, and has been all morning, and most of yesterday, too. It's pretty, but hazardous. From inside, it's remarkably peaceful. Despite my severe dislike of cold weather, it's been a lovely welcome back 'home', and 2011 has got off to a really pretty nice start for me.
How about for you?
Did you set any resolutions?
I did. I always do. I call them goals, but same same.
Is it me, or have people been talking about them more than usual this January? They just suddenly seem to have become a bigger 'thing' than I'm accustomed to. I wonder if it's because 2010 was a bad year for lots of people (it really did seem to be, right?) and making resolutions seems like a good way to draw a definitive line between the two years, or whether it's because the world as a whole has decided they're sick and tired of the almost-continual semi-catastrophic events of the last couple of years, and this year they're going to do something about it - or if it's because I've hit that age and we are old. And we're talking about our New Year resolutions because previous conversation topics, such as new music, or who's dating whom, or how slaughtered such and such got last night, just don't engender any decent discussions these days.
That last paragraph definitely reads as gloomier than I intended, or feel. Firstly, because the older you get the older old seems, so I don't think I'll ever truly say, "Wow, I'm old," and mean it, and secondly, because even if I am old (and if I am, keep it to yourself, please) I'm really happy with where I am right now.
Overall, that is. There are always some things that could do with a bit of improvement, but generally, life is good. I think that's why I can't get too worked up about this resolutions/goals business. They're set, but whereas I know a group of people who have been talking about their BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal. I think it started life as a corporate thing, but has transcended that), and all their goals are rather exciting and yes, a bit hairy and audacious, and sometimes even both, mine are all quite...calm. Little. In a sort of sweet way. Things like:
Stay put in the same country.
Stay put in the same apartment.
Enjoy some decent holidays, but don't step foot near a plane that won't release you for more than an entire day.
Apply the above logic to hospitals (but without the holiday bit. That just doesn't make sense).
Essentially, I'm really looking forward to a year of peace and quiet, filled with the simple pleasures of life. I haven't had one of those in a while. I know that 2011 will almost certainly not pan out that way, especially now that I've written it down and put it out there for the universe to laugh at and stomp on vindictively, but you know, cross that bridge and all.
Welcome to 2011! (Well, 2011 and then some...)