A few good things

Amelie. OF COURSE, always and forever, but even more so if that's possible. We've got lots of smiles and even got our first giggle the other day. She converses with us regularly now. She's just delightful. I don't always love mothering but I love her to pieces. Makes it all seem so simple.

H1. Watching him with Amelie is just amazing. He's such a fantastic father and wonderful husband – I feel so lucky to have him! Now that Amelie is a little older the fog is clearing somewhat and we find ourselves with both the time and inclination to talk about other things occasionally. Last night he had a function so got home about 8. Once Amelie was settled I joined him in the living room and we had a glass of wine and some lovely conversation. In the early days of having a baby that sort of time is not doable (well, it wasn't for us). So nice getting some evenings back for us like that – I treasure every one.

Summer! Today is the first day of December, and the first day of summer. It's gloriously blue and sunny out there, and looks like we're set for more of the same this weekend (hopefully – the weather forecasting in New Zealand is decidedly iffy, it's not an easy place to predict). We're heading up north to the country house and fingers crossed it's a lazy weekend of sun for our little family!

CHRISTMAS. First of December means it's really fully time to get our Christmas on! I've been ramping up to this for a couple of weeks now and am now ready to go into full-blown Christmas overdrive. We'll be decorating this weekend, as per our usual tradition. The She and Him Christmas album playing, a glass of bubble, some pfeffernusse to snack on, and Christmas magic all throughout the house. Interspersed, this year, with looking after Amelie, who is too young to care at all but will have some great photos to look back on, if I have anything to do with it. I can't wait!