A New York City Move: A Study in Emails, Texts, and Lists

- I let them know we weren't renewing the lease. They'll start showing the place before we move out.
- Cool

- Do we both need to be there to sign the new lease?
- Yes
- @#^&
- On my way

- Do we both need to be there to hand over the checks?
- No. I'll do it.
- Thanks sweets xx

- Took me 43 minutes at the bank to get the checks.
- That's ridiculous! All done now?
- Yep.
- Thanks. Yay! (Sort of).

- Movers dropped off the boxes. We can start packing tonight.
- Awesome?
- I mean, awesome!
- Did you ask them about bedbug protection? And insurance?
- Yes, all sorted.


  1. paint new place
  2. pick up new keys from super
  3. finish packing

- So excited to explore our new neighborhood!
- Me too. It's going to be so great.


  1. buy paint
  2. buy painting accessories
  3. paint new place
  4. pick up new keys from super
  5. finish packing
  6. check out new neighborhood and amenities

- I have to go to DC tomorrow.
- Oh okay, cool. I'll pack up the kitchen and watch a boy movie.
- Awesome. Thanks!


  1. sort out dinner
  2. finish packing
  3. clean house
  4. hand keys back
  5. sort out new place
  6. sort out cat
  7. check out new neighborhood and amenities
  8. get money for moving company
- Hi Haley, thanks for your call. I can't come out today sorry, but can tomorrow. Let me know if you need me to come sort out the couch.
- Hi Haley, thanks for your call. None of our guys are working today, but I might be able to help. Let me know if you need a hand still.
- Yes please! It's a furniture emergency. Hayley
- Okay Haley, I'll come down. There'll be a $100 extra charge because it's a Sunday, and I only take cash.
- Okay, thanks. Hayley.
- Where are you? x
- Just got in cab. Old place clean. Cat and I en route. How's the new place looking?
- Messy. Couch is in though.
- Awesome. What did the movers say about the desk?
- Not a lot. It's munted, we'll have to get a new one.
- Grrrr.
- Yep.
- I still can't get rid of that funny smell.
- I can't smell it.
- It's awful. Trust me, it smells.
- The oven's broken. They're going to replace it.
- Good. That gas was awful.
- I'm scared to use it. I'll do a salad tonight.
- They're trying to fix the oven again.
- Weren't they going to replace it?
- Have to try everything.
- Grrr.
- There's no supermarket near our new place!
- There is, there's a Gristedes at 86 and Broadway.
- Ew. Gristedes is gross.
- Yep, but it'll do for emergencies.
- Have you seen a liquor store on your travels?
- No, but there's bound to be one near.
- The oven fixing didn't work. They're going to replace it.
- I think we finally won over the weird smell. Or I'm used to it now.
- They've disconnected the old oven. New one will be here next week.
- Salad for dinner?
- Sounds bueno. xx
- There's a wine store on Broadway. It's kind of weird though.
- ??
- Strange layout. And poor selection.
- It'll do.
- We need to find a new wine store.
- Yeah, I didn't rate that sav last night.
- Me either. The hunt goes on!
- Any word about the oven?
- Still nothing. Salad for dinner? xx
- New oven will definitely be in tomorrow.
- Cool. Our plants have arrived also.
- Booze store = 86 and Amsterdam.
- Good deal.