A Story from the Past

Heeeeey! How's it going? What's happening with you? You know what we should do? We should go for a drink. Catch up.

These words, or some others that expressed this sentiment, were said a long time ago. A long, long time ago. Actually, they were texted, but they were said somewhere, I'm sure. Maybe by the texter, in his mind as he typed or even out loud, as he tested how they sounded. Maybe by me, after I had read them for the second time, in a tone of incredulity and scorn that could be thought, but really needed to be verbalised to convey its full force. I don't remember where I was - in my bedroom at my parents' house, or in my car, or at work, or at play. Somewhere, we can rely on that. I do remember the phone, a recently bought Nokia that had been bought reluctantly, begrudgingly, after my clunky Sony Ericsson (kids, a long time ago there was a phone brand called Sony Ericsson) finally died. It was very shiny and flash, and everyone was impressed with its inbuilt camera and colour screen. It also probably weighed a couple of kilos, but still - very flash, with its fancy colour screen that was displaying the above message.

The message was accompanied by only a number. No name, because my phone didn't have a name stored against that number. New phone, remember. But if you had somehow resurrected my old phone and checked the number against that, you'd still not have come up with a corresponding, explanatory entry in the address book. The delete button is a powerful tool, and - not to brag - I've almost always used it pretty wisely.

The lack of a name didn't mean anything to me. I knew who the message was from, and, as you may have gathered from my aforementioned response, I was quite taken aback by it. Not surprised though, not really. Not impressed, either. I dealt with it in a firm, decisive manner (that delete button again) and moved on. Obviously I've held that memory in my mind for some time now, which is kind of strange, because the message was from an ex boyfriend, someone I dated briefly in my last year of uni, a guy who was not at all my type but was nice and funny enough to make up for it, until he wasn't and I exercised my delete button thumb the best way I knew how. I think I remember this because it had been months since any previous contact between him and me, enough time for me to get a new job and a new boyfriend and a new phone, even (nothing says the passage of time like a colour screen) and really - who does that? Who just randomly texts someone out of the blue like that, after radio silence has prevailed for months? That's weird, right? Something a bit wrong with that sort of behaviour.

Anyway, I don't know why I'm relating this story now. I guess it seemed relevant, but it's not what I came here to do. I just wanted to say a quick heeeeey! How's it going? What's happening with you?