A weekend of birthday fun!

Hello! How is everyone? Have you all had a lovely week? 

I've spent all week a day ahead mentally and am just so pleased that it is finally Friday! Feels like I've been waiting a lot longer than a week...

This weekend is H1's birthday – he is an age. (35, he's 35!) A very grown-up age. My parents are coming to babysit Amelie and we're going out for dinner – so looking forward to this! And I may have a few more surprises up my sleeve. I've not bought him a birthday present – at his request. Doing something special together, just the two of us, just seems a far bigger treat than a present at this stage of life.  Do you find this too? Or are birthday presents still important to you? 

Here's some cool Friday reading for you:

This story about colour and Pantone is super-fascinating.

What if private school was your only choice?

How to create less rubbish.

Inspiring (I am planning our new apartment and can't wait for the new bathroom!)

Some good tricks to make the most of downtime.

Love the sound of this outdoor challenge – thinking it might be good for later in autumn?

Have a wonderful weekend!