A weekend of cramming

 Palm trees in the park on a rather summery autumn morning.

Palm trees in the park on a rather summery autumn morning.

It's so definitely time I did another Friday post...I have so many amazing links!

Before that though, the usual Friday excitement for the weekend ahead. What are your plans? If you're in the northern hemisphere I hope they involve enjoying some spring weather...and if you're in the southern I hope they involve enjoying some autumn weather...this is such a nice time of year, when (usually) nobody is facing anything too terrible weather-wise!

I have an assignment due for uni next week so my weekend is all in the title of this post. I'm sure I'll get some fun in somewhere as well though. With a toddler, there's no other option really; she neither cares about nor appreciates my need to study – all she wants is to play! Thankfully, there's H1 to help too (and it helps that Amelie is such a good sleeper as well).

So onto the promised amazing reads!

This adds more weight to my thoughts on buying clothes that can have a life with someone else when you're done with them.

The Cut is amazing and this article gives some insight into why (do you read it? You should!)

Do you take selfies? How do people react? (You'll see from my Instagram I really don't but this article is making me question why not).

Simple rules for healthy eating.


Have a super weekend! See you back here soon (after my paper has been handed in I imagine...)