A weekend of eating

A rainbow of carrots. Image:  Food52/Instagram

A rainbow of carrots. Image: Food52/Instagram

What are your plans for the weekend? We're in the city this weekend and I'm hoping to go check out the Parnell Farmer's Market. I've been to La Cigale so many times but I didn't know about this alternative until recently – it's at the other end of Parnell and looks to be more produce-focused. I'm always looking a great farmer's market in the city and I'm hoping for good things, this being one of the few things that I just haven't been able to recreate from my New York life (until now, maybe?!)

I'm also brunching with some friends at this charitable café. Again, I've never been there before, and it's just down the road from me! Looking forward to it.

Some good reading for your Friday...

It is hot in mostly un-air-conditioned Auckland right now, and some office workers are being driven to desperate measures. Made me giggle.

I just love Ottolenghi, and these summer recipes look amazing.

Cape Town is about to run out of water. Such a bizarre and scary story.

Minimalism is great and all, but I do believe everyone should own at least one ridiculous thing that they don't regret buying.

I bought this incredible book last year but just loaned it to a friend and it reminded me all over again how great it is.

If you're in Auckland, have you been down to Silo Park this summer? It's such a nice chilled place, especially for being in the middle of the city. This car boot sale of the future looks fun.

Have a lovely weekend!