A weekend of favourites

 Yachts on the water.

Yachts on the water.

How has your week been? It's been a patchy one over here, what with time off to look after an unwell Amelie, university starting up for the year and a major work project launching. H1 and I haven't had much time together and all in all, it's been one of those dissatisfying weeks where lots is happening but you don't feel like anything has been achieved. Very much looking forward to a weekend to reset, full of my favourite things – H1 and Amelie (a well Amelie, please), and hopefully some good weather so we can head down to the waterfront to see the Volvo Ocean Race boats in port. What are you up to?

Here are a few good reads for your Friday...

Ha! What to do if you've failed your New Year's resolutions (I like the last tip the most).

This resonates a lot – Amelie is a total daredevil and I don't want her to lose that, but it's terrifying.

A new favourite! This is such a delicious candle, all week long.

Cities designed for kids are better for all of us.

Eek big call! I am missing my everything bagels something crazy right now.

I just finished reading this book, have convinced H1 to read it and had a big conversation with my colleagues about its themes. It's a goodie. 

Have a lovely weekend, see you here next week!