A weekend of freedom

 Image:  The Spruce

Image: The Spruce

Hello! How has your week been? I hope you've had a lovely week, and if it's been as mad as mine has, well at least it's Friday. Hasn't this week gone so quickly?

What are your plans for the weekend? We have very little organised, which is so unlike us! H1 has booked Amelie into the crèche at our club, which will give us some fun time to maybe play some tennis or go for a swim...we often take her there but usually to take her swimming, so this will make a nice change. The weather doesn't look amazing but hopefully there'll be enough sun to fit it at least one park visit. What else is going on? Give me your ideas!

And here are a few good Fridays reads for you all, to kickstart this weekend...

How to travel with children. What would you add to this?

I never feel like I look put together. But I am quite organised, so maybe that doesn't show? How about you?

Does this mirror your phone behaviour at work?

Zara is offering online shopping in NZ now! Love this top.

The Bashford Antiques saga has drawn to a close. (Read the whole story if you haven't already – so weird, so fascinating).

This restaurant review is harsh, but I didn't think it unfair. How about you?

It's still tomato season – just – and I want to make this.

Happy weekend to you! Make it a great one.