A weekend of friends

 Besties. Image via  Washington Post

Besties. Image via Washington Post

Are you up to much this weekend? I've kicked things off early in the socialising department, having been out Wednesday and Thursday nights. Tomorrow we're off to a friend's place for a rooftop barbecue (everything crossed for fine weather!) and then I'm looking forward to some hang time with H1 after Amelie's gone to bed. Relaxed and easy – exactly what a late summer weekend should be.

Some interesting reading for your Friday...

This apartment is gorgeous, and the owner's description of why city living with kids is the best really resonated with me.

I made this mango sorbet during the week. It's a perfect summer recipe.

Love this stylish, restful looking bed.

The new mall going into Newmarket hardly looks mall-like at all. I'm excited.

This is one dreamy looking coffee table book.