A weekend of moving (!)

Image via  Jacquelyn Clark

Image via Jacquelyn Clark

Hello! Happy July! How are you?

A LOT has been going on here. May and part of June disappeared into a university hole (another semester done!), I started a new role (so.much.learning, but it's awesome. I like learning), we went to Fiji (winter sun!) AND, after nearly two and a half years, we will be moving into our new apartment next week!

I am just so excited. We went to see it a few weeks ago and it's totally been worth the wait. Official moving day is not until next week, but we should have the keys in time for the weekend so we'll get some small things in and spend some time with Amelie there, getting her used to the place. We've explained the move to her a lot, but until it's done I'm not sure how well she understands the concept. This weekend will be good.

For those of you with more chill time this weekend (I hope that's most of you. I may be super excited but there is no doubt that moving is hard) here are a few fun links for your Saturday (or Friday afternoon! I'm not here to judge).

Anyone else find the subject of exfoliation oddly difficult but also important and fascinating? This is a great guide.

Joanna Coles is pretty rad. It's nice when people acknowledge that relaxing isn't all that for everyone!

My pinning to this board has really ramped up over the last couple of years.

Good advice.

Fast becoming one of our favourite easy weekend lunch staples

Have a wonderful weekend! x