A weekend of summer

 Image via  Homelife

Image via Homelife

Summer is well and truly over but nobody has told the weather. I'm not complaining...this is a pretty sensational start to autumn! I'm hoping to make the most of it with H1 and Amelie this weekend in a fairly chilled way. A weekend close to home is sounding like absolute bliss to me (but I reserve the right to change my mind and go exploring!) What are your plans? 

Here is some Friday reading for you, to hopefully bring on the weekend just a little sooner!

Does it affect your mood when your clothes don't seem to reflect who you are?

LOVE this house. I kind of want to be the owner/buy all the things she makes.

The truest cartoon I've ever seen.

The lame bitches were right (yes!)

I've wanted this cookbook for ages and this article has tipped me over the edge.

This looks like such a comfortable dress for winter weekends.

Have a lovely weekend! x