All About Brooklyn

So terribly sorry. I've been in the Hamptons for the last month...

Sigh. Was that even a little bit believable?
I've been here, just not updating as much as I should (like, at all). I couldn't tell you what I've been doing, not in a 'because then I would have to kill you' way, but in a 'I genuinely have no idea' way. Working?
Oh wait! I did get away! All the memories are flooding back. I really have to update more often! Okay, okay, so there's been lots happening. Too much to write about in one go, and I know I'm meant to be talking about the amazingness that is Governer's Island, but not tonight. I've been working all day, and that work involves lots of writing. Forgive me.
Actually, I wonder if I can re-purpose what I write for work and publish it here also? My updates would be much more frequent. Of course, they'd also not make much sense, or be completely irrelevant to the point of this*. Maybe not.
Oh yes, I've been all over the place. My in-laws were in town so we explored New York good and proper. We even went to Brooklyn. I'd been feeling guilty about not exploring Brooklyn for some time, so ostensibly that was a good thing, but sadly, I have only two things to say about Brooklyn:
  1. Don't go to Brooklyn with an angry man who hates Brooklyn
  2. There may be better ways to see Brooklyn than on a open top bus
Yeeeeah...I think I need to go back. Apparently the above 'doesn't count', just like it 'didn't count' when I missed my stop on the subway and ended up one stop into Brooklyn before I could change to a train going back to Manhattan. The thing is, though, it's been kind of ruined for me now. To the point that as H1 and I got ready to go out last week, I looked at him with sad puppy eyes and pleaded not to go, as the event was in Brooklyn. That didn't work, and we went, but it wasn't even in Brooklyn, so I still have not been to Brooklyn*** (it was on the Lower East Side, which is pretty much a piece of Brooklyn that has escaped across the river, so you see my confusion). I will go, though. There's a Kiwi pie shop over there, it's only a matter of time and cravings.
So yes. I may or may not have gone to Brooklyn, and I have certainly been all over Manhattan, and I also went upstate, to the Finger Lakes, for a 4th of July weekend of sailing and wineries and barbecues and friends, which was every bit as amazing as it sounds. I went to Governer's Island, and Central Park, and Trader Joes. I went to Starbucks and to my office and to many restaurants and to the gym (cause and effect in action right there, kids). I actually genuinely have been busy, and trust me, I'm as surprised about that as all of you.
Now, I was going to illustrate this with a nice image of Brooklyn, but I don't have any, which is, quite frankly, shocking. What was I doing on top of that bus? Instead, you will have to make do with a clearly designed to invoke jealousy type of photo. Breathe in and enjoy.

Ahhh, feel the serenity
*Which is...? Yeahyeahyeah**, I hear you!
**Movie reference - if you know which one you get a prize.
***Or Harlem, or the Bronx, or Staten Island****. I went to Queens once but swore not to return. Wow, I am really bad at being a New Yorker.
****Actually, no Staten Island is normal and makes me a good New Yorker.