Awards Season

Most of the big awards shows have already happened. The BAFTAs, the Golden Globes, the Oscars...all of them are done for 2012.

In the blogging world, however, awards season is all the time, and now, thanks to the wonderful Bunny Eats Design, I'm the recipient of one of them.

I'm uncommonly proud of this. There's this whole great blogging world out there, of which I'm not really a part. I feel like I don't have the time to regularly read all the blogs I'd like to, and so it wouldn't be fair to involve myself too much - but given how many amazing blogs there are out there, I should devote more time to it. Anyway, awards are part of that blogging world, so this is a very pleasant surprise for me!

I actually received this over a month ago, but I have been very carefully thinking about how best to fulfill the requirements for this award:

1. Link back to the blog that gave them the award (this one was quite easy)
2. List seven things about themselves (a little more challenging, but seven's not that big a number)
3. Give the award to five others

I have spent a lot of time thinking about the third thing! There are so many brilliant blogs out there, but I wanted it to go to blogs that weren't too swish - ones run by people a bit like me, who hold down jobs and marriages and social lives and do it in their spare time. Doing all that requires a lot of versatility, after all.

So without further ado...

Seven things about me:

1. I'm a really bad photographer. Two years of classes did sweet f-a for me.
2. If I didn't have a words-based career, I'd be doing something in design. I've realized over the last few years that I'm actually quite good at it.
3. I'm really interested in pretty much everything. This is hard in job interviews, when I'm trying to sound focused.
4. I'm getting more and more left wing as I grow older. My parents are proud.
5. My favorite place is the beach. Almost any beach, at any time. I am a beachy person.
6. My favorite color is yellow, but I mostly wear blue.
7. I work really hard, but I never feel like I do enough. When I die, I will be one of those people who regrets not working harder (i.e. the type everybody says doesn't exist). I'm really hard on myself - far meaner to myself than I'd ever be to anyone else.

Five blogs that deserve this award:

1. The Parmesan Poet - Anaise is a recent addition to my blogroll. She's very good at cooking and very smart - smart enough to take a classical piece of literature, decant it, isolate its essence, then create recipes based upon that. It's awesome, and a little terrifying.

2. Mrs Pink Champagne - pure fluff, and I mean that in the most positive, fantastic way. Mrs Pink Champagne blogs about fashion mostly, with a decent helping of travel, home decor, and socializing. She has very similar tastes to me, and lives in the type of bubbly pink palace (in my head, at least) that I've always secretly wanted to inhabit.

3. Jo Beaufoix - I have next to nothing in common with this English mother and poet, but I feel like I connect with her anyway, because her pithy, generally amusing pieces on life in general are so well constructed.

4. The Preppy Princess - again, a meeting of tastes. The Preppy Princess blogs mainly about fashion - the sort of fashion I like to wear. I appreciate her longer posts when I have a few minutes more than usual, and her intelligent deconstruction of the stories behind the fashion.

5. Oh Sunnie Day! - another recent find, with short posts that provide me with a two minute distraction when I need one, and a focus on all things beach that helps me keep my sanity in the concrete city in which I live (see point 5 in the former list).

Thank you to Bunny Eats Design, and to the five blogs listed above - I know how much time, love, and care goes into this, and I'm so glad so many wonderful people do it! (Especially when I have a deadline, ha ha!)