Best Laid Plans

Whew! It has been quite the busy season here in sunny Manhattan. I thought summer was a time of relaxation...of course, summer has only just begun (I was not entirely right with my last, overly positive post). Already, I am feeling the pressure. I have a personality not entirely dissimilar to every cheerleader character in every bad* '80s high school movie, which essentially means I tend to put an inordinate amount of high expectation into every season, event, and even standard days. That said:

"Guys, this is going to be the best summer ever!!!"

It's got off to a stellar start. My parents just went home after three weeks in New York. I miss them even more now than I did before - I got quite used to having them around - but I loved showing them my life here, and just being with them, even when we weren't doing fabulous activities (Governor's Island, picnicking in Central Park, kayaking in Connecticut, and exploring the adorable towns further up on the Hudson spring to mind). It's really nice engaging with your parents as an adult, and realizing that you actually really like them as people other than your parents.

I also got to show them my new house** while they were here. Considering I had only got to see it once myself, for a total of about four minutes, with two other couples looking at it at the same time, I was quite chuffed that both they and I liked it. I had suspected I would, but you know, it's always good to confirm these things, especially when you, your husband, and your broker ended up competing in a short distance race to the agents to make sure you beat those other two slimy couples and win the prize of paying a ridiculous amount of rent for the next year***. I would have seen it for longer, but the first two times H1 went I was too busy with work to make it, and the third time ended up being a time-pressured race.

So I'm super excited about moving - but also very antsy. Our house is in a state of total disarray, I have a ton of work, and every little thing about living in the Maybe Apartment that used to be nothing more than a minor irritation has turned into the Worst Thing in the World. This weekend, the work project that's currently occupying 92% of my time and 97% of my thoughts (and dreams - ick) will be over, we will be moving, I will decorate and take a bunch of photos, and Best Summer Ever will resume again (a wee reward the following weekend has already been planned and booked). Until that time, look at my new summer toy!

Next time we get involved in a fight to the death apartment renting situation (HA. Ha ha ha. I'm not doing that again for a long time) I'll be prepared!

*By bad I mean excellent, of course.
**House = apartment.
***I didn't believe this actually happened, despite reading about it in books and magazines and seeing it in movies, until it happened to me. Trust me, it happens. This is why everyone in New York works out so much.