C'est bon, non?

I'm on my way out to dinner tonight. I should be leaving in eight minutes. I think that's perfectly doable, but I don't fear lateness the same way that others (looking at you, H1) do. I am going to meet H1, so I will do my darnedest to keep this to an eight minute post. Actually, seven minutes now. We are going out to dinner with friends, to a French restaurant in Chelsea. I don't know its name and I don't really care, because the most important thing is having a nice time with friends. That said, I expect it to be good. New York has too many good restaurants, in all price brackets, for ones that are not good to survive for long.

Speaking of French and price brackets, I got an email today telling me the New York restaurants that have got a Michelin star for 2013. I was very pleased that one of my favourite places, Public, has held onto its star. It has a chef who trained under a New Zealander, and a Kiwi wine director, and the menu (and wine list) is very New Zealand-influenced. And, obviously, outstandingly creative and delicious. I'm loyal, but you don't earn Michelin stars for customer loyalty.

It always makes me laugh that the Michelin guide is the same Michelin as the doughy tire man.

I've been to Public twice, and three others on the list (Junoon, Aureole, and the Spotted Pig) once each. The list is 51 restaurants long, meaning I've got some eating to be getting on with. I hopefully have something to celebrate coming up, as well as a birthday, then Christmas, another celebration (?!), our wedding anniversary, and H1's birthday. Thankfully, as those places may range between one and three Michelin stars, but they all share the same three or four dollar signs on OpenTable. They are special occasion places.

Tonight it's no Michelin-starred French with friends that deserve three Michelin stars each (at least) and a four minute late departure. Good enough for me.