Condiments on a Village Life?

Don't worry, I'm not ditching London for a small rural backwater any time soon, not to the best of my knowledge anyway. H1 hasn't mentioned it being on his radar, so I guess that's a pretty good indication... ...I am, however, potentially doing something a little exciting, a little out of the ordinary for me this weekend. Big news, although probably not as big as I'm hyping it. There is a chance that this Sunday, I will be venturing further than SW6. In fact, I will be leaving the 'SW' postcodes altogether, and heading out into the wild world of 'W' or maybe even 'WC'.

A day in the big city! It could happen! Image: Flickr/toastbrot81

I've made reference a couple of times before to how I really just live my life wholly and completely in south-west London, and although I'm kidding and making fun of myself, it's actually kind of true. From my home I can walk to work, the supermarket, many lovely pubs and restaurants, Gap, five Starbucks (no joke, that's globalisation for you) and four shoe shops. Why would I need to ever go to any other part of London?

This is, of course, a rhetorical question, for everyone choking and gasping to get the words out - the South Bank! Borough Market! The City! Greenwich! Regent's Park! And I have been to all those places, and love them all for different reasons (except the City, I really only ever went there for work once upon a time). London is full of many fantastic, amazing places. But it's big, and I'm busy.

Borough Market - one of London's great places. Image: Flickr/magnus_d

Oooh, now that I've typed that it looks really weak.

The theory that London is just a series of small villages interlinked by roads and the tube isn't a new one, but it's pretty accurate. Every little subset of London has everything you can need in it, with its own distinct personality and tribe and vibe. And it's very easy to get very comfortable in your own corner, and just stay there. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but I suspect both. Good for the communities and the local shops (um, around here that's Starbucks, apparently).

I got thinking about this earlier today when reading this article in The Guardian about Brixton, and its introduction of a local currency. Interesting - could work - seems a little bit of overkill to me. If Brixton-ites are anything like me, they don't need an excuse to spend money locally. So there, you have the good side.

But the bad part happens if you get stuck in a rut and don't end up taking full advantage of having London right there. As a quick disclaimer, I'm not like this, not stuck in any rut - but I can see how it could happen quite easily.

And so now argh. Bugger. I now have eleven back-to-school resolutions. I had a nice tidy ten, and now it is eleven. Although, in the last week I have both dropped off and picked up my drycleaning, so really it's just replacing a mildly pathetic resolution that I can draw a nice tidy line through.

But seriously, that's a good one! A plan for autumn - experience more London. Check out some areas I haven't explored yet, maybe get a little culture, and do as promised in the title of this, and give you some condiments on a city life, rather than a village life.

Plenty of time for that when  H1 moves us to Boggyton-under-Water and makes me buy gumboots.