Eat: Takeout

After nearly 2.5 years, H1 and I are quite proud of how 'New York-y' we have become. Everybody has a different definition of what a New Yorker is, of course - ranging from someone who was born here to someone whose great-grandparents were born here to someone who spent two days in the city once in 1992, but who really loves the Yankees - and I don't fit all the definitions (or, in my previous example, any of them). But I fit some definitions, especially if they don't mention baseball as a pre-requisite*. One of the biggest areas in which our 'New York-iness' fails is in that of food. H1 and I cook. I kind of love it. And because I love to cook, and we also love to eat out, we hardly ever order in. And this...well, in New York, this is a failing, up there with disliking bagels or moving at anything less than an intense pace.

Looking at our order history on Seamless, I can see that in the six months since we moved to the Upper West Side, we have ordered in six times. In fact, one of those times was when I was out, and H1 and a friend got a pizza - so five times in six months. We just don't really do it, and therefore, I was most surprised on Sunday night when H1 suggested we order dinner in.

I agreed pretty quickly - I had a cold coming on and was feeling pretty miserable, and as we go away in less than a week** we have very little food in our apartment. Besides, H1 had suggested Indian, which I love. We have eaten very little Indian food while living in New York, having been thoroughly spoilt by stupendous Indian food during our time in England*** but H1 guaranteed - guaranteed! - that this place was good.

The unassuming home of excellent British-Indian food. Image: Steve Cadman

And it was. As we always do when we order in, we ordered two meals, happy in our knowledge that that would feed us for dinner and the following lunch. Then we panicked and added something else on, in case the portions were not US-sized (in this case, a garlic naan). Then it arrived, we ate too much, and still had plenty for lunch the next day.

It was great, but you know, whether it ruins our actual New Yorker status or not, I am quite comfortable with the small amount we get takeout. It's lovely, but not for everyday - I'd almost always rather cook or go out than try to split the difference. And what could be more New York than just not wanting to compromise?

*Or football. Or hockey. Or basketball...shall I go on?

**We do have housesitters, but we're not feeding them - although they are welcome to any cheese they find in the fridge.

***For anyone who doesn't know (does anyone not know?!) England, especially certain parts of it, is one of the best places for Indian food in the world, probably coming in somewhere behind actual India.