Explore: A Virtual World of Total Relaxation

New York's looking pretty darn magical at the moment. There are lights everywhere, and people selling Christmas trees on every corner, and rosy-cheeked children squealing with excitement at the fake presents in the windows of the stores. Lots of people are just casually carrying champagne bottles around with them*. It's like that scene in Love Actually where the seasonal music sets in, and it shows people laughing and carrying Christmas trees down the street, and if I remember correctly, there's snow,  even though it never snows in London like that pre-Christmas. It makes me feel all snuggly and warm, and like cuddling up on the sofa with only our Christmas lights on, and - have to be honest here - watching Love Actually with some mulled wine, or something else appropriate that I'd never make**. It's usually about this stage that it all goes wrong, as I remember that actually, I don't have time for Love Actually. I don't have time for anything, because apparently I've got to the age where the holiday season is the very opposite of relaxing. I still love it - so much - but I could really do with just a bit more time.

Going through the paper the other day, I saw a special to Fort Lauderdale that was very well priced, and duly tried to convince H1 that we should sneak down there before Christmas. He pointed out the obvious - that if we don't have time to watch Love Actually, we certainly don't have time to get down to Florida for a four day weekend - and I meekly accepted this all-too-correct judgement call.

Doesn't mean I haven't been going there in my mind, though. We got down to Fort Lauderdale last March for a few days, desperate to break the monotony of a New York winter***, and I had one of the most relaxing holidays of my life. It was bliss. Now, all I need to do when I feel the pressure creeping up on me is look at a few photos, and remember that holiday feeling.

Amazingly bright catamaran.

One of the (many) marinas.

Palm trees - of course.

Yes, we were the youngest people in our hotel. Nothing wrong with that!

Aaah. I will always make sure to spare time for that. What makes you relax?

*Probably not all the time, but certainly some of it.

**The wine is already good. It doesn't need anything done to it.

***It all falls apart after the presents have been unwrapped.