Explore: On Your Lunch Break

Even though I didn't really have time today, I took myself away from the computer at lunchtime. I meant to only pop out for a second, to drop my shoes in at the magical reheeling place, but it was warm and a little sunny out, and my steps dragged as I contemplated returning to the office. Instead, I walked in the other direction, down Ponsonby Road just a little way. I wandered in and out of a couple of the vintage stores that line the top part of Ponsonby Road and let myself relax as I admired all the pretty things in them and imagine who they would make the perfect present for*. I didn't buy anything, but the retail therapy worked its magic anyway. After just under half an hour I went back to work cool, calm and collected...and highly effective. Far more was achieved this afternoon than this morning.

 Whare Toi

Whare Toi

It's easy to forget how important a break is, but it is so important...and thankfully, is encouraged here**. Plans are being made as to where else I can explore on my lunch break. Don't let me tell you I don't have time again!

Where can you explore at lunchtime? Is taking a proper break important to you?

*And where I could use them in my own room...I'm not a total saint!

**It was all me telling myself I couldn't afford the time away from my desk. My work would never do that to anyone (and for good reason, clearly!)