Express: A Leggy Situation

They say if you're old enough to remember wearing it the first time around, you probably shouldn't enthusiastically sport it next time it rolls on by. It's for the kids by then. You just stick to your mum jeans and sensible shoes. But the trends are coming back faster now. They are. Just trust me on this. Back when I was in my very early teens flared jeans came into style, and sure as night follows day, my mother started reminiscing about how she used to wear flared jeans. I distinctly remember giving her some terribly evil looks when she did this, some looks absolutely meant to convey 'it's different now and you don't understand and don't even think about it.' I mean, she was wearing them in the late '70s. That was 20 years ago. Ew.

A couple of years ago though, I found myself in a similar situation, when leggings suddenly and abruptly became a thing, without even having the decency to gently warn me about it and get me used to the idea. My first reaction was one of absolute disgust. I mean, I definitely remembered wearing leggings the first time around. I had quite the amount of leggings*, and always wanted more. My favourites were my pink and white horizontally striped ones (to be worn with an oversized pink sweatshirt and my white and pink high-tops, of course) and my turquoise ones (which had to be combined with an oversized turquoise t-shirt and and turquoise slouch socks for the whole, horrifying effect).

So I quickly and instantly swore off leggings for life - or for a matter of weeks, anyway. Yes, I broke embarrassingly quickly. I saw how they were being styled, and it all looked so fresh and different. Not a high-top or oversized sweatshirt to be seen. Besides, it wasn't my fault that trends started to come around again so quickly. I mean, I was six or seven the first time leggings made an appearance in my wardrobe, and here I was, 26, and already they were back. The maths didn't work. 26 minus 6 is only...


I dealt with the horror of realising the previous 20 years had been compressed into a total blur of learning and flared jeans, and put my big girl pants on. And by big girl pants I mean leggings, because you know what? When you're not wearing pink and white horizontally striped ones** and you make sure your bum is covered properly***, they're quite flattering, and comfortable, and the perfect way to keep your legs warm without wearing full trousers. They're a good way to wear something that's a bit shorter than you'd feel comfortable wearing with pantyhose, also****.

Apologies for the long-windedness. To me, fashion and style isn't interesting unless it has a story, and this is a story that needed to be told, because I felt it necessary to explain to you all exactly why I wore leggings this weekend. In other words, don't judge me.

This is a shirt/dress kind of thing that is too long for jeans, but too short for pantyhose. What do I do?

Wear leggings, of course!

Then quickly add my cape, because it is freaking cold out there.

Most of this outfit is from England, because apparently, I wear old clothes a lot. I bought the shirt/dress thing in an airport, on my way somewhere. It's Fenchurch, and I still think it's weird that I bought it, because I don't tend to shop in airports, and I wasn't wearing leggings at that stage of my life. The leggings are from Uniqlo (one of my absolute favourite stores for basics) and so is the cardigan. The necklace was dirt cheap from BaubleBar, the boots are Etienne Aigner, the cape is Elie Tahari, and the bag is the same as last week. All the photos are courtesy of the wonderful (and patient) H1.

So there you have it. I wear leggings, and I'm proud of it*****. I have so far avoided the oversize sweatshirts and high-tops that have stealthily crept back, and I would say I will continue to avoid them forevermore, but you know...

Do you wear anything you once swore off? High-tops? Cartoon character clothing? Mum jeans? Share!

*And bike shorts, too, though that's neither here nor there and needn't be spoken of again.

**Yeah, I've grown. That's really not an option these days.

***Because leggings are not pants, people. I'm particularly looking at you, Ugg-boot wearing girls of New York City.

****So long as it's not so short your bum isn't covered properly. Seriously, not negotiable.

*****Because I wear them properly. Bum covered, people. Seriously.