Express: Dressing Up and Drinking Coffee

The weekend before Sandy* I headed down to Soho with H1 to buy coffee. There are other places in the city to get coffee, of course - but actually not all that many if you have a Nespresso machine, as we do. Usually we order it online, but some pretty severe neglect on our part left us in a dire situation where we only had decaf left** and there was no way I was putting up with that for a moment longer.

So Soho it was. There are two Nespresso boutiques in the city - one on the Upper East Side, and one in Soho. The UES one is probably closer, but in terms of ease of travelling there, Soho is better, because travelling across the island is a bit of a pain, frankly. Plus, Soho is a more interesting part of the city, and it has a Kate Spade store, so I obviously chose to bow to its superiority and head downtown***.

I dressed up. I often dress up. I never used to, ever, but as I've grown older I've really started to enjoy the act of putting on my glad rags, even if I'm only popping out to grab some necessities. I suspect it's also something to do with being a freelancer, and never having to get dressed if I don't want to. I don't need to dress up, but I want to, so I do.

On Saturday**** I put on my mildly insane pink Parisian dress, because I was obviously suffering from not having been able to wear it earlier in the week, when I really wanted to. Then I added a whole heap of black stuff, because I'm still a New Zealander, and not wearing a decent amount of black still makes me feel a bit itchy and uncomfortable, and as if everyone is staring at me. So as well as my pink dress, I wore black tights, black shoes, a black belt, and a black cardigan. And then I went to enjoy Soho, where I of course blended right in, because no matter how madly you think you're dressed, in New York someone (usually many someones) is always dressed a bit more madly.

Walking in from the subway.

A quick stop for coffee before buying coffee…

and a moment where I just stopped and thought about Kate Spade…

before buying coffee (more!)

See? See how cool Soho is?

As is my Upper West Side home, of course.

I love this outfit. It's especially good in autumn, when I can just tone it all down with the addition of lots of black (argh, SO New Zealand-y). Half this outfit is actually from New Zealand - the shoes are from Overland, and the belt is from Ricochet - and most of the rest is from Europe (dress - Paris, tights - England). Only the cardigan was bought here, and even that is from Uniqlo, so is kind of Japanese. The bag (Kate Spade) is American, though! Half of this outfit is at least six years old, and all together, it's a fairly international affair - as all the best things are.

*Good God, is this how I'm going to measure time for the last few months of 2012 now? Before and after Sandy? **The horror, the horror. I know. Cover your eyes, children. ***A store ONE BLOCK away from our apartment also sells Nespresso capsules, as we remembered once we had been in Soho for an hour or two. ****Yes, that would be the Saturday 'before Sandy'.