Express: H1 Gets a Turn

I talk a lot about myself. What I like, what I want, what I wear, what I cook... Well, it's H1's turn. After all, he's a huge part of my life, so it seems only fair. And now could not be a more apt time – the menswear shows* are on, there's a heatwave happening in New York, and H1 doesn't have a clue what to wear.

To be fair, H1 often doesn't have a clue what to wear. Not because he's clueless when it comes to clothes – not at all. He has a very defined idea of what he likes and what he doesn't**. But in summer, the man all but falls to pieces, horrendously confused by trying to keep a balance between looking dressy enough for work, while wearing as little clothing as possible.

Summer's not really too kind to men. H1's luckier than most, because he has a creative business, meaning that nobody ever expects him to wear a suit. All the same, there's a line, and it falls somewhere around shorts. Shorts are a no-no in most offices***, including his.

A few years back, at a time that coincides with our first full summer in NYC, he lit upon khakis**** as the perfect solution to the pants problem. Jeans are just not going to work here in summer, particularly as there's no such thing as lightweight denim for men*****. A pair of khakis, worn with a pair of casual (but not too casual) closed-toe shoes and a cotton shirt with the sleeves rolled up is ideal for a creative workplace. A bit like so, although realistically the trousers should be ironed, and sunglasses should definitely not be sported indoors:

 See how good the boat shoes look?

See how good the boat shoes look?

H1's not a male model, but trust me when I say he looks just as good as this in his khakis and shirt.

For men who have to wear suits, I don't think there's any easy answer except, obviously, summer suits. Lightweight cotton ones. No synthetic anything (actually, this should apply to the entire year). And iced coffee is a good way to cool down when being outside is unavoidable.

 Summer suits...cigar totally not necessary. Or desirable, for the matter. 

Summer suits...cigar totally not necessary. Or desirable, for the matter. 

I don't know if any men read this, but if you do, how do you deal with the summer heat and work? Is it really as tricky as it seems?

*Currently in Paris; Milan's just finished.

**Likes: slim-fit shirts. Doesn't like: boat shoes, no matter how much I try to convince him he'd look awesome in them.

***I think developers can usually get away with shorts, but that's about it. Maybe designers. Maybe.

****At my suggestion. It took some convincing (less than the boat shoes are requiring, though).

*****And if there is, they should not be wearing it. Note to all men.