Food. Fashion. Fun.

Cast your eyes towards the top of the page, if you would be so kind...specifically the middle, underneath the title. That should tell you all you need to know - or at least give you a rough idea, because, of course, I see no need to use three words to say something when I could use 300.

I had a good think late last year about the things that really make me happy, and even wrote a list. Number 1 was H1, but (though I hate to admit it) I did have my doubts about how long I could get any engagement with a series of posts about my husband. Far better to just let him cameo from time to time.
Coming in at the top of the 'stuff' category was - you guessed it - food and fashion. I love to eat, and I love design - all design, particularly fashion (I also like furniture and websites, but that would be a pretty dreadful tagline. I'd be better off writing solely about H1). Lots of people like both those things, and there are lots and lots and lots of great blogs about those two subjects out there. Lots. But I like them, and rightly or wrongly, I feel authorized to write on them. I both eat, and wear clothes, every single day. And I will be actually writing about them.
Many food and fashion blogs focus on the visual - beautiful images of wonderfully put together meals and outfits to provide an instant inspiration - and that's awesome. But this is not going to become that sort of blog, because I like to write, I like to analyze, I like to top it off with a healthy dose of irreverence, and most of all, I'm a really, really terrible photographer.
I'm also not dropping the 'Kiwi in a foreign land' theme altogether. It's an integral part of who I am, after all, and has been for a long time now - I can't just let it go. I love being a Kiwi, and I love New Zealand, and all that it has to offer - in design, in fashion, in food, in activities, in scenery, in fun. So there'll be a lot of that hanging around the edges, framing everything I write.
Finally, I promise you fun. I hope the last post didn't cause any unnecessary worry. I can still poke fun at myself, and I will, right here in this public forum, every time I need to (so yes, frequently). I promise to inform and to entertain, just like your own personal, very shallow, BBC.
Let the adventures begin...!