Friday reading

It's Friday! The weather is horrendous here and all over New Zealand. My in-laws are meant to be coming up from Hawkes Bay for the weekend but have already had to delay their journey by a day. Fingers crossed there's no snow stopping them tomorrow!

 Hawkes Bay during better weather times.

Hawkes Bay during better weather times.

Cosying up and reading seems a very good way to get through this – and below is a great list of reads for those of you who are keen. There are also some cool things going on around Auckland this weekend, though, like the last few days of The Body Laid Bare at Auckland Art Gallery, and the first weekend of Wildlife Photographer of the Year at Auckland Museum. The Remuera Bastille Day Festival sounds fun too. Ideally, you'd make a whole day of it and start at La Cigale for pastries and coffee (tip: coffee at La Cigale itself is rubbish, stop at Red Rabbit on your way up). before heading along to the festival, then spend your evening at Augustus Bistro or Paris Butter making friends with du pain et du vin. That's how I'd do it, anyway.

On with the weekend! And here are some fun links...

Man Repeller bought a shirt on Instagram. (The story is not about the shirt.)

Is anyone else watching The Block? Jane Yee's recaps are laugh-out-loud funny, whether you are or not. 

Contemplating the future of work is so interesting. Could your job work in a flash organisation?

I bought these pants and am now eagerly awaiting their arrival. Apparently they look good on everybody.

When should kids get their first mobile phone? (If Amelie had her way, at nine months!) There doesn't seem to be an easy answer...

Oh, I love cookbooks so much. (True story: nearly bought the first one on this list in LA but decided it'd be too heavy to cart around. Regrets, I have them).

Speaking of cooking, you can't go past a great grilled cheese in winter. 

Have a great weekend! Let me know if you end up eating French food. Or any great food, I'm not here to discriminate. x