Happy Leap Day!

Kind of wish today had just leaped on away (grumble grumble).

I am doing a lot of paid work right now, which is wonderful with its 'shirt on back' and 'roof over head' benefits, but not so great for the social life/husband/writing for fun stuff. Also, it gives me no time with which to buy shirts to clothe my back. Also, today it rained.

I wore a tan and black striped dress that's got a swingy, slightly sixties shape to it, black leggings, tan flat boots, a camel coat, black mohair and possum fur scarf, and accessorised it with a now-kind-of-broken checked umbrella, dark undereye circles, and rain-fluffy hair. I know you're all jealous of my all-weather style.

Spring starts tomorrow - I'm prepared for lots more rain but I am very excited regardless! Here's to the first spring weekend, and until then...