Here's to the Weekend

I have a reasonably fabulous one coming up, myself. I'm always a huge fan of the weekend, even when they go like last weekend, when I spent my days of freedom reading a book, a couple of magazines and two New York Times, doing some laundry, some work, and some catching up with a neglected husband (mine, just in case you were wondering). It was brilliant (yes, I'm easily pleased). This weekend, however, is shaping up to be even more amazing. Why?, you may ask. Don't worry, I'm here with the answers...

Just for tomorrow. And we only have it because H1 has a meeting out of the city. But it is still very, very exciting. You see, we haven't owned a car in over five years now. We haven't needed to, and in fact, owning a car in either London or New York would be a foolish decision for us to make. Foolish or not, though, we do miss having a car. There's something about it - the wind in your hair, the sense of possibility it engenders, the freedom implicit in every little gas-guzzling curve - that you just don't get with the No.6 subway line.
You may remember from past posts that usually, when faced with the chance of our very own transport, we go a bit funny in the head and end up in places that - well, they're not traditional destinations. We've always had good reason though, trust us on that. However, I'm still happy to say that tomorrow is different. Tomorrow, we take our four-wheeled freedom chariot and escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a little piece of paradise. That's right. Tomorrow, it's all about Connecticut.
Oh wait, is that the same level of lame as our other American road trips together*?
Seriously, I can't wait. A day of blowing the cobwebs out through genteel backstreets and the I-95. H1 will go to his meeting, and I will read the NY Times somewhere (there's always time!). Then - who knows? The world** is our oyster. Kayaking, cycling, brunch or lunch. Maybe a side trip down into Westchester. A browse in real estate agents windows (I've got over my fear) if I'm really lucky. It's all ours, right up until 5pm, when the car must go back to its spiritual home*** and we must return to ours****. Now that's a weekend.
*H1 and I have both done American road trips, individually, that were very cool and deserving of the name. When we're together, though, we end up in New Jersey. There you go.
**Yes, by world I do mean Connecticut.
***Okay, East 40th Street.
****Yes, okay, I do mean the maybe apartment.