Holiday Celebration Week! Eat: Party Food

I have an entire week of holiday celebrations! And then, probably, another week! Squee! I love this time of year! Ahem. Sorry everyone - sparkly stuff makes me giddy, and there's a lot around me this time of year.

H1 and I held our Christmas soirée on Saturday night.

It was a wonderful, if tame, night. A case of prosecco was bought, along with a bunch of beers, sparkling water, and some Orangina. Sangria was made. Much food was purchased.

Our wonderful friends brought a ton more drinks and food along with them also, so we currently have nine bottles of prosecco, a random grouping of beers, sparkling water, Orangina, and much leftover food languishing in or near our fridge. We're both gearing up for another insane week of work and events and functions, so this is a pretty nice situation to be in. We can come home late and eat cheese and crackers and drink sparkling water, or prosecco if it's been a really crazy one. We can casually nibble on a macaron while muting our conference calls. I can make soup for every proper meal we eat, and serve it up with some of the conveniently already-sliced baguette in our freezer.

We are eating the leftovers of this tonight!

Having these leftovers was unexpected, but lovely. I had a minor panic the day before, suddenly afraid that there wasn't going to be enough food, and everyone would be hungry, and would go home complaining about what an awful hostess I am*. I mentioned this to a workmate, a few minutes before 6pm on Friday, as I prepared to go home and finish off my day from there.

"Are you getting it catered?" was her first question.

I looked at her contemplatively for a second, suddenly wondering whether we only seemed to have a lot in common, and whether we actually came from totally different worlds, like in an '80s song**, but not romantic.

"No," I replied. "I'll just spend most of tomorrow pulling it together."

She laughed and rolled her eyes. "I can't believe you're doing that after this week***. You're going to be exhausted!"

"It'll be fine..." I let my voice trail away, not wanting to devolve into asking incredulously who gets caterers, or pointing out that getting other people to do stuff for me is pretty much always more stressful than doing it myself****.

So I did it myself, spending my Saturday cooking and pulling it together, and it was fine. There was obviously enough food (just ask my undersized fridge). Everybody remembered it was on (I have a lot of irrational party fears, which I won't bother getting in to too deeply in this post). Everybody came and had a good time - but not too good a time, because apparently we are all well-behaved adults now - and the cleanup was totally un-painful.

There were 14 rsvps, and three last minute bailers (as always happens). We drank the following:

- Prosecco - Sauvignon blanc - Beer - Still water - Sparkling water - Sangria - Scotch

(Not all at once - that would be dreadful and probably would have created a bigger cleanup situation).

Prosecco on ice in fruit bowls - because we are innovative Kiwis. (And also we don't own any ice buckets).

We ate the following:

- Goat cheese and walnut arancini in a lemon pepper panko crust - Baked brie en croute with honey and figs - Cheeseboard (cheddar, stilton, goat) with crackers and baguettes - Roasted garlic hummus - Smoked salmon and sour cream blinis - Chilli and sea salt chocolate truffles - Macarons - Swedish chocolate peppermint biscuits*****

While the 'will we have enough food?' fear was still raging.

This was too much food (although, it's always better to have too much than not enough), but it was good. And it wasn't too much to cook on the day, thanks to outsourcing macaron and biscuit production and having a decent cheeseboard (easy!) The most popular item was the brie en croute, closely followed by the arancini - that'll be the cold weather for you.

Are you having a Christmas party? Or do you celebrate something else? What will you make - or am I the only one not getting my small get-togethers catered these days?

*Entirely my hangup - my friends are far too lovely to do anything of the sort.

**Pick one - any one - it will work.

***Big insane project. Nearly over!

****My hangup, again.

*****Biscuits in the English sense of the word, of course.