How to stay on holiday forever

Scent is so amazingly powerful, isn't it? Tommy Girl will always take me back to my early teens, as will the Body Shop's fuzzy peach shower gel (would you believe they no longer seem to make it?!). Combined, I'm on holiday in New Caledonia with my French class again.

Every time I travel, I keep this in mind and buy myself something that will take me back to that holiday every time I smell it. The last few times it's been perfume – London is Coco Mademoiselle, Paris is Hermès Un Jardin en Mediteranée, and now, LA and New York are Le Labo Neroli 36.

The best way I find to ensure it has the effect you want it to is to wear it a few times while still away, on days or evenings when you're pretty sure it's going to be a good one. For example, I wore Neroli 36 when we took Amelie to the Imagination Playground, and again when H1 and I went out to dinner by ourselves (gasp!).

Then, just bring it back home and wear it whenever you want to relive those holiday good times.

Room fragrance can have the same effect. If you're in a store, hotel or restaurant that smells particularly good, ask what they're using – it may well be a scented candle that you can buy and burn at home to recreate the same vibe. Sometimes it won't be available (as happened to me in the Marina del Rey hotel, which is literally the best smelling hotel I've ever been in) but often, it will be, and this is such a nice way of making your home feel just a touch more relaxing.

Finally, a scented candle or diffuser that pulls together different components of your holiday can help you relive it in a less direct way. This is what I'm looking for now, seeing as I couldn't buy the Marina del Rey scent. I'm after something a little citrus-y (for the fruit in LA), a little salty (the ocean) and a little cedar-y (Central Park). I'll let you know if I do end up finding the scent I know I'm after – it's one of those ones where I'll know it when I smell it! 

Have you ever done this to extend that holiday feeling, deliberately or otherwise?