I Like My Holidays

Thing is, when you don't have a proper 9-5 job, with an office and free tea, you feel a bit guilty about taking them. Especially as everyone just tends to assume your life is one big holiday. But you'll be glad to know that I've managed to overcome the guilt and am giving myself a break (you may have noticed. Ahem. Sorry about that).

You see, having recently finished one Big Thing, and currently being in the process of working very hard towards another Big Thing - which will be taking place very soon - I haven't had a lot of time to devote towards my other Big Thing. Namely, this blog and all you wonderful readers. And you definitely deserve better than a load of unenthusiastic, lame, boring posts.*
So for now this is adieu, while I enjoy my break. I will be back sometime around mid-January, full of tales of Christmas joy and summer wonders and other Big Things. Happy holidays to you all - have a good one!
*For the record, I will accept absolutely zero wisecracks about this being my usual product. You know who you are, funny people.