Leases and Visas and Work, Oh My

There is way too much going on.

H1 and I are dealing with it in a very responsible, grown up manner. We frequently talk about all that is going on in our lives, and discuss what the best way of dealing with all the situations is. Then we realise that one of our situations is preventing us from coming to any decision on any of our other situations, and we agree to not think about it until a later date (which we pick in an entirely arbitrary manner).
The only thing we're not neglecting is work. In fact, about five minutes after we've agreed not to think about the difficult stuff, we get on with work again. Even at 9pm. We have good reason though: we both love our jobs; we're both obscenely busy right now; and we're aware that while not doing our work might ease the load in the short term, long term that would cause a whole new set of difficult-to-deal-with issues. Nobody wants that.
So that's it. Oh no, wait! One more thing...

This is not the same photo as in this post, by the way. I know it looks like it. And you know why that is? Because it won't stop raining.
I check about twice a day at the moment, on average. I always look at the ten day forecast. And every time, it's a sea of grey washing over my screen, looking uncommonly like the sky outside, as if it were the water reflecting the weather.
I'll be back when the sun shines...