Midwinter update

As much as I'd like it to be, I have to admit we haven't had midwinter yet – in fact, it's really only just started. We have, however, had the shortest day of the year, so things are on the up again.

 Midwinter Cox's Bay, in between small storms of rain.

Midwinter Cox's Bay, in between small storms of rain.

The seasons are shifting so much in New Zealand that the shortest day of the year now arrives well before winter sets in properly. I've struggled with this in the past; to me, once that day has been and gone we should steadily see an improvement in the weather. We don't, of course, and this year I'm trying really hard to accept that. One of the ways I'm doing this is by shifting my capsules by a month each – so while the calendar says June, July and August constitute winter in New Zealand, my winter capsule will encompass July, August, and September. I won't move into a spring capsule until the beginning of October. I'm hoping this will help keep me warm in September (a month traditionally marked by high levels of optimism and goosebumps to go with it, for me).

I also can't complain too much as I've just spent most of June in the States, soaking up their early summer vibes. Glorious, glorious times. Expect more posts on that wonderful holiday soon, including an overview of what I bought and how mindful I managed to keep it, even after ending my self-imposed shopping break; what it's like travelling with a baby; and how I'm trying to keep that holiday vibe alive – after all, I'm now trying to make it last for the next three months of wintry weather.

For now, I am happy to report that I've come back feeling so refreshed and excited to move into the next phase of the year. H1 and I have made some changes and have some more in the planning, and I'm so looking forward to all the good things we think are going to come out of them. The most immediate one is pretty big, in my world at least – I'm returning to work, a few months earlier than I intended to. I don't enjoy being at home, and this step is going to be so energising for all of us (especially Amelie, who is the most ridiculously social baby – takes after her parents, it seems!)

More on all of that soon. Hope you're enjoying your winter too – and if it's summer where you are, know how much I envy you and make the most of it!