Moving uptown

It's getting really real now...

I alluded to our new apartment a couple of posts ago, but other than that I don't think I've mentioned it once...which is madness, because it's been two years since we made the decision to buy it. It was kind of an impulse decision (of course it was, I'll wait months before buying a pair of sneakers, weighing the pros and cons, but when it comes to property I apparently have a problem) but it was a good one. We're just so excited to move – the perfectly reasonable rental we're in now seems to get smaller and sadder by the day – and put our own touches on the gorgeous design put together by the developers.

 I want our entranceway this colour, for example. Image:  Pinterest

I want our entranceway this colour, for example. Image: Pinterest

The apartment is in Newton, in Auckland's uptown. I work in midtown and H1 is not far away at the bottom of Parnell (just over from downtown, for the non-Aucklanders out there) so it's incredibly convenient for us. Amelie's daycare is close too, and so are a number of parks, including Myers Park with the super-cool playground (and good coffee nearby – as well all know it's important).

So an apartment! This is a perfectly valid decision for anyone living anywhere else but in Auckland it's still seen as slightly depraved. Thankfully, that attitude is changing by the day. We have lots of suburbs with single-family homes in them, and while I can appreciate some of them, like the beautiful villas of Ponsonby or Grey Lynn, that lifestyle just doesn't feel right for us at this point in time. We want somewhere low-maintenance – we have the country house and that's quite enough high-maintenance property for us (there's a lot of land; we city folk have no idea what we're doing but at least we keep the neighbours entertained). There's plenty of green space for Amelie, and so many other cool things nearby – farmer's markets, the waterfront, the Art Gallery, the Auckland Museum, cafes (kids loves her fluffies) – and we can get almost anywhere we want to on foot, on train, or on bike. Our jobs are demanding, and living this way gives us maximum time together, as well as freeing us up to enjoy that time together. 

It's still likely to be a few months before we move in, but it's getting closer every day. I can't wait to be an uptown girl again!