O New England!

H1 and I are not keen to live in the States again. We are both ready to be living in New Zealand; in fact, I'm so ready that I jumped the gun and have been doing so for nearly a year now. There's nothing wrong with the States, of course*, but New Zealand is our home. That said, if we were, for some reason, forced to live in the USA – if, for example, they decided that they needed to scrap the rules and hire a thirty year old Kiwi woman as their next president** – then I would have to demand the capital was moved to New England. I love it up there. Absolutely love it.

H1 and I headed up to the Cape for a holiday when I was last in the States, just over two weeks ago. We rented an adorable little house in Provincetown, which is a well-known gay party town out on the very tip of Cape Cod.

Now, as you may know, I am far from a partier. Despite that, Provincetown was an absolutely perfect place to stay. There was an adorable beach with a handful of little boats moored in the bay, and a strip of shops and cafés and restaurants (not one of which sold Cape Cod t-shirts or Gone Fishin' signs***), a highly picturesque library, a stunning lighthouse, and streets absolutely packed with good looking guys, not one of whom could have cared less about my existence. Perfection. It reminded me of my teenage years on the Shore – we didn't have a Marc by Marc Jacobs store in Torbay, but the bay and boats and guys not noticing me all felt very similar.

H1 and I did pretty much what we always do on holiday: lots of eating, lots of beaching, lots of ice-cream, lots of reading, a little shopping, and lots of wandering, just soaking up the vibe of it all. We, once again, managed to completely avoid paddleboarding. Both of us have wanted to try it for years now, and something always stops it from happening. This time round I fell down a hole between two rocks and damaged my leg in a way that looked much worse than it was. It was bad enough to stop me from paddleboarding, it will leave a scar, and it was ugly enough that a couple of those good looking guys even noticed me**** briefly, but we think I'm probably going to be all right.

Don't let the presence of holes put you off, though. Cape Cod is just an absolutely amazing, fantastic part of the world and I can't wait to go back…there, and all of New England.

La da dum dum*****.

*Well…well. There are some things that aren't right.

**Just the thought exhausts me. Can you imagine dealing with the Tea Partiers? No thank you.

***They were further down, hanging out with the white sneaker and bumbags crowd.

****They noticed my banged up leg, anyway.

*****The song of the trip.