On Holiday

For the last month and a half, apparently...

I'm so sorry, I'm still here, holiday-less, but there has just been far too much going on for me to even think about posting. I have a plan though (of course I do!) and once I've had the chance to take a decent Christmas break, make some lists and refine some ideas, I will be back to it in the way that you all deserve (i.e. not radio silence for weeks on end.)
If you think you really can't handle that cast your glance up to the left hand corner and you'll see the imperatives that will enable you to peruse more frequent commentary from your favourite NYC-based blogger - clicking on either of those will get you a wee dose of Condiments joy that should be just enough for the festive season (and will make me happy). And/or find another blog you like and spend hours happily comparing that one unfavourably to me (that too, will make me happy*).
Happy holidays, everyone - see you in the New Year!
*If they're really good feel free to let me know - I appreciate really good blogging and it's sometimes a bit of challenge to find!