One Fine Day


It's like the whole city's woken up from a bad dream.
It's been a slow one this year. It snowed a few days after the official start, heavy swirling winter snow that settled in a passive aggressive manner on the new, tender, delicate daffodils. Then April came, and with it a month's worth of rain and wind that destroyed my lovely umbrella and gave me a solid 30 days of bad hair.
And now, May is here. A new month to raise my hopes.
H1 and I celebrated the new month, and the first day we had alone, together, with nothing to do, in literally months, with a walk that started as a short stroll to a bike store in Gramercy and ended with frozen yoghurt and gourmet hotdogs on the Lower East Side.
It was warm and breezy, sunny and perfect. I wore a long summery dress, and H1 wore Polo in pale pink. In a normal way at first, then in an ironic way once we hit the edgier part of town, then in a normal way again. On the way back home, we went all English and stopped into a home improvement store before finally arriving home quite a few hours later than anticipated, as the sun slowly left the city.