Ooops. Sorry.

I've been having an internal debate with myself, over whether or not to mention the fact that I've been AWOL for an embarrassingly long time now, and whether or not to apologise for that same fact. I feel it can't go unmentioned - however, I don't want to seem presumptuous, and apologise for not being around, when you may not have even noticed.

So if you did notice, I'm sorry, and if you didn't...well, I guess you have your own life going on, and it's not all about me*.
Where to begin? Believe it or not, I've been incredibly busy, zooming round this little city of ours trying to get ready for Christmas, which has shocked me in an absolutely terrifying way, like a surprise party - it's meant to be something nice but actually just scares the crap out of you. Many of the things I've been up to have been peculiarly English, like struggling through Carnaby Street in the rain while shop assistants are rude to me before I meekly give them all my money, or drinking my way through everything (a highly effective way of dealing with both the rain and the rude shop assistants). Some have been rather Kiwi, such as chopping Eskimo lollies into fours to make lolly cake (the best bit is when you cut their heads off and pretend they work at Ben Sherman**).
And like most of my life, lots of stuff has been in that middling ground where English and Kiwi meet - in fact, one of the the recent highlights was watching the English and Kiwi meet at Twickenham to play a not exactly rousing game of rather half-hearted rugby. Good fun though, and nice to sing the anthem in a spirited blast of patriotism (even if I'm pretty sure my singing voice is so bad it's actually an act of treason for me to do so).
There have also been quite a few parties, quite a few lunches, quite a bit of shopping - and even, believe it or not, some exercise, mainly because a lifestyle of parties, lunches, and shopping doesn't seem to be conducive to a balanced weight without it. And I need a balanced weight, because it is very cold, so I need to be able to fit my clothes. No clothes is not an option right now (anything short of being swathed in a giant duvet is not really an option right now, but I'm struggling to fit it into my lifestyle, to be honest. I'm not a quitter though - watch this space).
So that's about it - a very very quick catch up. Again, apologies - I won't keep quiet for so long again (keeping quiet is so not my style!) Will be back shortly, I'm sure with more stories from my suddenly outrageous social life. And that's not meant to sound show-offy, so I hope to heaven it doesn't, because God I miss my couch!
*It's totally all about me. I just say things like that to sound good.
**Hey, why the heck not, it's Christmas - don't go to Ben Sherman in Carnaby Street unless you enjoy being alternately ignored and insulted. Aaaah. That made me feel good.