Six surprising things about being pregnant

Being pregnant has changed a few things for me, but not as many as I would have perhaps anticipated. I'm still very much myself in every way, except in yoga class, of all places. Rather surprised by this yoga transition, I decided to find out what other pregnant women found most surprising...

  • How weak it makes you feel, and how lazy as well! - Laura
  • How horribly sick I've been, even though I was in great shape when I conceived. - Chelsea
  • How much I loved my pregnant body, stretch marks and all! - Samantha
  • How difficult getting pregnant actually was. It made me appreciate how special and precious actually being pregnant and giving birth is. - Rebecca
  • The guilt. - Kelly

And finally, for me...

  • How I suddenly became an ideal yoga student, actually doing what the instructor said and focusing on my own body and breath. I used to always be the one comparing myself to others and pushing myself if I saw anyone was doing something 'better' than me. Pregnancy has ended that*!

*For now.