Hello! The sun is shining. The weather is warm. The pigeon didn't die on our doorstep.

Yes, it's all good news around here. I'm sorry May was so quiet and dull. I was working. I've learnt a lesson, and shall try not to make that mistake again.
And now it's June, and I'm back! Just a short one, to get us back in the habit...lets start with a round up of what has happened in May. Grab a coffee, and lets have a quick catch up:
1. There were two bank holidays. The weather was bad on both of them.
2. Went to Bournemouth. It rained. But H1 did amazingly, superbly well in his cycle race. I am very proud of him, and hope our children inherit his sporty genes.
3. I worked in the City. Refer to above for my thoughts on that. But - I've stayed a nice person! (Nice-ish). Guess it takes more than that to bring me down.
4. I saved the best for last. Sit down before you read on...
An icecream shop opened next door to my house.

My heartrate has quickened just at the thought of it. This is literally, genuinely, the best thing ever to happen in Fulham. It's a nice, proper icecream shop, with Italian-style gelato. What can you say but prego?
Oh oh, I almost forgot...AND they keep plying us with two for one vouchers. I am very excited to try some (yes, haven't actually had any yet - you don't think I would neglect this to eat icecream, do you? Oh no, if there's no time for blog updating, there's no time for icecream...)
So that was May. I think some other stuff happened - oh yes, new government, well, two for the price of one, actually - but that's very unlikely to affect me. While everyone else stresses about the age of austerity that must now come upon England, as there's no money left (truly, that's what the departing Secretary of the Treasury left in his handover notes!) I merely plan how to avoid it.
Ok! Time to wrap this up, keep it short and sweet as promised. I shall, however, be back very soon - retain your faith - I shall not leave it so long again! It's just been a balancing act of working out how to work in the City, and write about the city. And now, I think I have it sorted.