The AKL burger challenge: the beginning

A group message went out on Facebook a week or two back, to all the usual suspects (that's the small group of us that spends all our time talking about food). It was simple and succinct. In fact, it was little more than a link. Messages instantly started flying back and forth, most of them opinions on the link's conclusions. It was settled with agreements of inclusion from everybody, and underlined with this closing salvo:

"Boiger boiger boiger. (Jersey accent)."

 Boiger boiger boiger. Image:  Flickr/Zach Dill

Boiger boiger boiger. Image: Flickr/Zach Dill

The 10 week burger challenge was born.

Almost instantly, we realised there was no way it was going to be a 10 week challenge. I for one can't eat a burger a week, and plus, we're all busy hardworking adults with other commitments to fulfill. Mainly other food-based commitments, sure, but it's all important.

The whole concept of finding the best burger in a city isn't a foreign one to me, of course. I lived in America, remember. Thing is, though, this list isn't a list of the best burger in Auckland, or even the top two or three. It's the top ten. That's a lot of burgers that the author is confidently declaring as worthy of time, money and attention. I would find it challenging to name ten top burgers in New York, the home of amazing burgers. After you've had one or two truly incredible burgers* everything else just kind of gets lumped together as a bunch of slightly disappointing memories.

However, far be it from me to shirk a challenge. The 10 week/as many weeks as it takes burger challenge is on.

*Burger Joint. Shake Shack. Nothing else really matters in NYC. Oh wait, Bareburger's worth a look in.