The autumn capsule

And here it is. The capsule I've been wearing for the last month and a half, nearly.

 Autumn 2017 capsule wardrobe.

Autumn 2017 capsule wardrobe.

This does, I must say, feel like a total non-event. After all, I know these clothes inside out – I've been wearing them for six weeks! But obviously this isn't the case for you.

I also look at this and instantly feel that it looks a bit boring. But that's the point.

Not to be boring, but to be realistic about what I like to wear, who I am, and what I do. And I'm very pleased to say that so far it's working out great.

So what's in the capsule?

  • White t-shirt
  • Black t-shirt
  • Blush-pink t-shirt
  • Blue/white Breton top
  • White peplum top
  • Blue/white striped silk shirt
  • Beige merino jumper (not pictured)
  • Grey merino cardigan (not pictured)
  • Blue/white polka-dot shorts
  • Light-blue boyfriend jeans
  • Black ankle jeans
  • Dark-wash skinny jeans
  • Black dress
  • Beige trenchcoat
  • Navy raincoat
  • Black flats
  • Patterned D'Orsay flats
  • White sneakers
  • Black boots
  • Mushroom boots
  • Black floppy hat
  • Beige patterned scarf
  • Blue patterned scarf

Most days I'm wearing something really simple - a t-shirt and shorts/jeans when it was hotter, with sneakers or flats, and a jumper or top/cardigan and jeans now it's cooler, with boots. When I feel the need to make my outfit a bit more interesting I add a scarf or a hat. And because I'm at home with Amelie these days, I sometimes just wear activewear all day (activewear, underwear, singlets and pyjamas are not included in the capsule!) Most days, though, I'm in a proper outfit, and I've worn the black dress twice, which is twice more than I thought I would...quite happy with that.

This capsule is acting as a bit of a reset for me, allowing me some distance to get a better feel for my style, and hopefully help me make better spending decisions in the future. I've learnt some interesting things so far, like just how much I enjoy not thinking about what I'm going to wear in the morning. I've also encountered the opposite a couple of times though, where I've felt bored and just wanted to reach for something else, rather than put the effort in and work out how I was going to override that feeling with what I had to work wit. And the few times that has happened, I've realised something interesting – the feeling of boredom was less with my clothes, more with my plans for the day. I do get bored not working (and university isn't exactly a dressed-up place). And I think if I weren't doing this there's a good chance that boredom would get resolved through shopping. In other words, this approach has already paid off.

So that's that for now. Just three more weeks, and then the semester is over, and I am off to NYC for nearly all of June. I'll be capsuling in NYC too, as everyone does on holiday by default, and when I get back, I'll put together a capsule for July, August and September (I am cold just thinking about it) using the lessons I've learned from this one (there'll be another update post about those lessons once May is over, also). I'm looking forward to it!