The weekend has ended: The recipe for a perfect weekend edition

DONE. Sorted. I've cracked the formula for the perfect weekend at home. All you need is some friends, some exercise, some culture, some cleaning and a lot of food (and yes, okay, maybe a little wine too).

 Perfect weekend.

Perfect weekend.

That's pretty much the perfect summation of my weekend, and it's been stupendous. I kicked off yesterday with a yoga class with a couple of my friends, before we moved on to coffee, then headed to the Auckland Art Gallery to check out the Five Maori Painters exhibition. Our day ended with a glass of wine together, before we all went on to our respective Saturday night engagements (mine was a Skype date with my husband, which was as brilliant as it ever is).

Today I cleaned my apartment, top to bottom and side to side, and this baby is sparkling. I got some shopping done, read the paper and wrapped things up with roast lamb. Oh, and I Skyped H1 again.

The only thing that would have made it better would be having H1 here – but hey, all in good time.

The week leading up to this was pretty awesome too, if harried. I had a conference to go to, as well as a course on the Treaty of Waitangi, as well as my actual job to do, but I do love being busy! And both the conference and course were great – the course particularly so. I am embarrassingly unknowledgeable about the Treaty (for non-New Zealanders, this  is the founding document of our country, and like all good founding documents, it's mired in controversy) but it is fascinating, fascinating stuff. I'm very pleased I now know a little more, and I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can. Best thing I did this week for sure.

The best thing I read this week was Tom Wolfe's Bonfire of the Vanities – a contemporary classic that I'd never read up until now. The insights it gives into the class and racial tensions in NYC in the late '80s are hugely eye-opening.

As for food, I'd have to say that the chorizo, capsicum and feta pizza I made on Friday night was pretty darned good (and so easy!) I eat so little meat that one pack of sausages will last me for four or five meals, and I love that feeling when you plan your dinner and realise half of it's cooked already. Who's with me?!

How was your weekend? And what should I read next, please?