The weekend has landed! The Auckland edition

What a week! I don't want to sound like too much of a brat, but can I just say that working a full five day week is hard. I knew the short weeks weren't going to last forever, but I guess in my heart I felt like they were. Goodbye surfeit of public holidays, hello real life...

The toughness of you know, being a functional adult, aside, it was a rather good week. Obviously not as excellent as the one preceding it, but good all the same. Work, friends, fashion, food…good times all around.

Of all the things I read this week, this was probably the best:

This tweet comes after yet another week where I avidly read everything that crossed my path about good urban design, walkability, public transport and what is needed to get Auckland from here to there. If you haven't checked it out yet, go have a read of Transport Blog. Their ideas make an awful lot of sense, and they're not even being paid to do this – they're just as passionate as a lot of us about making Auckland into the fully-fledged amazing city we all know it can be, rather than some sort of conglomeration of many poorly designed suburban hells.

It's exciting to see that things are beginning to change all the more quickly.

As for food (another worthy passion), the best thing I ate this week was whole wheat pasta with chicken and a tomato, capsicum and kale sauce. Not because it was totally amazing – it was good, but nothing more – but because I'm proud that I made it. On Wednesday night I went to a charity fashion show with friends, where we were apparently being encouraged to imagine ourselves in the models' place by not eating anything. Afterwards we were famished, but instead of going out to a restaurant we came back to mine and I whipped up the pasta. I had the chicken already cooked and ready to go, the kale was already washed and torn into pieces, and the rest was the work of minutes. I am never this organised. And it felt good.

Overall, the best thing I did was go out Friday night with colleagues. Bear with me…that's not as sad as it first reads. We've all been in a very stressful situation the last few weeks, and while it's not entirely resolved, it's a lot closer than it was. I really like my colleagues and I really liked that we were able to take a break and relax together. I also like that it meant our Friday ended at 4.30pm – because that's exactly what you need after a five day week.

What were your bests of this (long, long, long) week?