The Weekend Has Landed! The Batten Down the Hatches Edition

Today is actually Friday! Whoo! I have a bit more work to do, and then it is ON. And when I say it is on, I mean nothing is on, because for the first time in ages, I have no plans. Nada. Not even one. I am overjoyed about this.

I still have bits of the unread newspaper of guilt to read, as well as a brand new one that will be delivered this weekend, so I plan to spend a decent chunk of the weekend catching up with that. It's a good weekend for it, as the weather is looking like it's all falling to pieces in advance of Frankenstorm rolling in:


I can't stay inside reading all weekend (I'm bound to get cabin fever at some point) so I'll go for a little wander, probably sticking to the Upper West Side because I am in a local sort of mood. Maybe I'll buy some fridge bins (my fridge could look like this, except I'd never eat most of the crap in there!) And maybe some batteries, because the weather people are recommending it for Frankenstorm. I reeeeally don't want to, and I'm not sure why (buying stuff is not usually something I have a problem with). I haven't got too deep into any self-analysis on it, but I suspect it has something to do with Hurricane Irene last year, and my flight getting cancelled, and having to stay in California and impose on friends for four unexpected days. So basically - resentment. I resent hurricanes. I am a hurricane resenter, with not enough batteries (actually, never mind the batteries, I don't even know if we own a torch. I guess we could use the lights off H1's bike?).

Finally, I have plans to check out Uniqlo's new online US shop (reasons to leave the house just diminished by one), cook something yummy (this is a strong contender), drink some good red wine, and add to the long list of impractical things I really want:

This is something impractical that I want. Image: Fancy

What are you up to this weekend?