The Weekend Has Landed! The Beachy Edition

Hello and happy Friday! How has your week been? What has been happening in your world?

I've had a relatively uneventful week, marked with a decidedly oppressive heat. It's been threatening to storm for days. All the weather websites predict thunderstorms, every day, and every day the skies cloud over and the heat gets trapped and the humidity gets stronger and it stubbornly refuses to storm. It's as if the entire city is holding its breath*, just waiting for the heat to break, and in the meantime, everything is on hold.

I'd share with you what's been entertaining me this week, but it's all weather websites and more information about Snowden/the NSA/PRISM. There's an interesting story, no? I think one of the worst things about it was realising how completely unsurprised I was. That's depressing.

I have a few things on hold myself, and superstitiously, I feel like nothing is going to happen with any of them until the weather changes. Realistically, though, that's not how it works. As it does every week, the end of Friday has rolled around, and it's time for the weekend!

Tonight H1 and I are going out to dinner, somewhere in our neighbourhood. We'll start with a happy hour drink at one of our favourites, then, depending on how sloth-like we're feeling**, will either move on for dinner elsewhere, or shall remain exactly where we are. We won't be having a late night, because a) We're not really late night people, and b) We're being picked up early tomorrow to go to the beach!

We're heading to a beach (exact beach tbc) with our friends M and L, and their fantastic toddler daughter. This is very exciting to me. We may be surrounded by water here, but a decent beach is not an easy thing to come across.

I bought a new swimsuit (togs, as we Kiwis know them) which is getting its first outing on this beach trip. It's not this one, but I kind of wish it were. Isn't this stupendous?

It's also...more, shall we say, than I would spend on a pair of togs. We all have priorities, and I guess this just isn't a very high one for me. It's awesome, though.

Hopefully, we will be seeing other friends tomorrow evening, then on Sunday H1 will go cycling and I will read. This sounds dull, but I LOVE reading. I don't get enough opportunities to laze around reading. All day I vaguely look forward to the moment when I can relax and pick up a book, and all week I look forward to the uninterrupted bliss of a Sunday reading session.

And's all on again. Or not. Depending on whether it finally storms, I presume.

What are you up to this weekend?!

*The heat means that the Hudson is smelling none too pretty, so anyone close to that is certainly holding their breath.

**Very, I should say, with the combination of the humidity and a glass of wine.

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