The Weekend Has Landed! The Catching Up Edition

Hello lovely readers! How has your week been?

It's been kind of a crazy one here. H1 and I still feel behind from our holiday last week. When H1 told me last night he needed to do work tomorrow afternoon I admit I pouted...but now I have two meetings booked. So there you are.

Tonight I'm heading out to a friend's house for a casual girl's night dinner - just me, her, and her amazing two year old daughter. It will be a chilled affair. Just how I want it.

On the topic of kids, I've really been wanting to buy a whole lot of children's clothes recently. Don't get the wrong idea - it's not me, it's the stuff happening around me. H1 showed me a film his company created yesterday that just absolutely tugged at my heartstrings. They do the most amazing work. This is the second time that a film about people I don't know has nearly brought me to tears.

Then Oh Joy linked to these two gorgeous videos and made it worse. And then I saw some adorable dresses in the window of Brooks Brothers. Really, super cute stuff, all of it. It's nearly enough to make me want a kid - as long as all they did was say funny/sweet/hilarious things and look stylish. Parents! Tell me. Is this how kids work?

This is something impractical that I want. Not necessarily for kids. I'd wear this. Image: Brooks Brothers
This is something impractical that I want. Not necessarily for kids. I'd wear this. Image: Brooks Brothers

Tomorrow I have work to do, but I'm sure H1 and I will be able to make time to go out for lunch together, and enjoy being outside before the no good very bad weather kicks in again. We're expecting one of those surprise spring snow showers, the ones that always attack just when you're feeling confident that you can drop all your wool coats off at the drycleaners. I was comfortably wearing my lightweight spring trenchcoat just a few days ago, so it's right on schedule.

I was thinking Sunday might be an ideal day to go for brunch with some girlfriends, until I remembered that it's St. Patrick's Day! St. Patrick's Day in New York City is an embarrassment. Not to the Irish, but to everyone who claims their Irish great-great-great-grandparent as an excuse to drink to the point of being comatose by 3pm. This is my first St. Patrick's Day on the Upper West Side, and while I suspect the scene will be considerably less worse uptown than in my former frat-boy haunt of Murray Hill, I'm still going to do the only sensible thing and stay in. I might roast a lamb. I happen to have a nice lamb roast in the fridge right now, you see. It's a long story.

I've cancelled the New York Times this weekend - there is just too much other stuff to catch up on. Last week's Times, for example. I do have a nice balcony gardening book to read, and I'm thinking this weekend will be a great time to do that. That way, I can get very excited about spring, and getting outside, and planting stuff - and thus guarantee that the snow will come down and melt all over my seasonal green dreams.

What are you up to this weekend?!