The Weekend Has Landed! The ? Edition

It is gone 6pm and yet my weekend has not really landed at all yet. Such is the joy of working with people in different time zones from you. I am very much looking forward to this weekend, even though I haven't a clue what exciting events may be contained within it. It's going to be good finding out! I do know what is happening tonight - shortly I am going to go meet H1 at a local with a good happy hour for a drink, prior to coming home, eating something, and proceeding to painstakingly do sweet f-a.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to have my nails done. They are a MESS. The art of the cheap mani-pedi is one of my favourite things about New York. I guess there are so many salons they have to keep prices low, but it still astounds me just how cheap they are. I tell myself constantly not to get too used to it, that one day I will once again live somewhere that has more realistic pricing, but it's hard. Thankfully, I don't get my nails done all that often. I find it intensely boring sitting round for an hour or so while they work on them, unable to even read a magazine*. But currently, they are at the stage where they need it badly - especially knowing that I don't know what else the weekend will bring!

I also have to start putting together the plan of what to buy people for Christmas, and what cards to send out, and what decorations to put up, because Christmas is a MAGICAL time and it will be AMAZING even if I get NO SLEEP for the next six weeks. Oh, and also, Thanksgiving is next week. Surprise**!

I guess I should be thinking about buying impractical things for other people, but I am not. This week the impractical thing I want is, on the surface, a practical thing. It is earmuffs (yes, I decided to go full crazy lady) and they are most practical for the freezing temperatures that are lurking just around the corner. However, I haven't found any adult ones that I like, so I'm going to rely on my smaller-than-average head and the larger-than-standard-American-child and hopefully buy these ones from Gap.

This is an impractical thing that I want. Image: Gap

They have SEQUINS. But they're subtle and kind of classy, in a pretty-obviously-designed-for-a-child sort of way. I hope to dear God they fit, and that I have the willpower to stick to black and not get the pink ones.

So that's it for me - total uncertainty, in a great way!

What are you up to this weekend?

*This is how you sound like a complete spoiled brat in one easy sentence!

**Thanksgiving is a fabulous holiday - easily the second best thing to come out of America, right behind Joseph Gordon-Levitt - and this year I'm not even hosting, so really, it is super fine.