The Weekend Has Landed! The Everybody is Here Edition

And oh my my, oh hey hey... I have been listening to The Lumineers a LOT since SNL was good enough to introduce me to them. Now that I don't drive regularly, and I therefore never listen to the radio, shows like Saturday Night Live are pretty much the only places I hear new music. So apologies for the outdated music reference.

I never used to understand how my parents weren't aware of new music when I was a teenager. It just utterly bewildered me as to how out of touch they were. Now, however, I totally get it - and I'm not even 30 yet, or a parent, for that matter.

You know who is 30 soon, though? H1. Giggle.

There are some awesome plans and events coming up for his 30th, and I, for one, can't wait. Planning special surprises for your husband's birthday is nearly as much fun as having your own (nearly. Not quite.)

Despite our advanced age, this is shaping up to be a weekend of fun. H1's best friend, who he has known since he was a child of 13, is in town, as is a friend of his from summer camp in Texas. He was 23 the summer he worked at camp, but, from what I've seen, spent vast amounts of time acting as if he was 13. We're going out with them tonight, along with friends of ours who we only met a relatively short time ago. They...have also seen us behaving in a 13-year-old manner. Huh.

13 going on 30, indeed. With old music, of course.

And then...more birthday excitement commences!

I've got H1 a pretty awesome present (I think. I hope. He and I are quite a lot like Phil and Claire from Modern Family in our present-giving styles). I did, however, nearly get him this...

This is an impractical thing that I want. Image: Fab
This is an impractical thing that I want. Image: Fab

...but I didn't, even though it's awesome, because I am a GOOD WIFE. Who is setting the standard for all our 30th birthdays. And who will hopefully be able to keep it a surprise all this weekend, because I'm also very excitable around birthday presents. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

What are you up to this weekend?!