The Weekend Has Landed! The Four Day Edition

The weekend is here! I'm not as excited as I normally am about this, because thanks to Thanksgiving, I haven't worked since Wednesday morning. Instead, I have been enjoying a highly extended weekend.

It's been an exhausting one, in the way that eating vast quantities of food and lying around reading and gossiping can be considered exhausting. It's also been lovely. H1 and I have spent it with friends - the third year we've celebrated Thanksgiving with these friends - and have lived up to the American traditions of eating too much and sleeping it off before returning for more rather nicely.

Tomorrow, we shall return to our home for the exciting remainder of the weekend, to be spent doing laundry, tidying our house, and panicking about Christmas, which has, once again, used Thanksgiving as a wall behind which it can hide itself to launch a stealth attack on our sanity. It's the last chance we'll get to 'relax' until the New Year, and I intend to well and truly make the most of it.

What are you up to this weekend?

P.S. There will be no 'impractical thing I really want' this week, as a nod towards the monstrosity that is Black Friday. Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday because it is, traditionally, so anti-consumerist, but Black Friday totally adulterates it in a decidedly disgusting way. It will return next week, when people aren't killing others so they can save a couple of hundred dollars on another TV they don't need.

Oh, we went for a walk, too. Go us!